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Mathematics Department

ALEKS Prep Courses at WOU

Who should take an ALEKS course?


A guided self-study ALEKS prep course may be the ideal solution for you if:

  • You have taken the WOU Placement Test and you wish to place higher.
  • You wish to brush up on your math skills before taking a placement test.


What is ALEKS?

  • ALEKS is a self-paced, computer-based, lab class intended to help you identify your areas of mathematical weakness, and to strengthen those areas. ALEKS courses are supervised and guided by a WOU Mathematics Instructor.
  • ALEKS is designed so that you may study specific materials to advance your mathematical skills and working with ALEKS will help you succeed in your next mathematics course.
  • After you complete an ALEKS course, placement into Math 95 or above will be dependent on a satisfactory score on WOU’s Math Placement Test (the placement test is required to be taken in class at the end of MTH 68; there is no associated fee). Your ALEKS course will help to prepare you for the Math Placement Test.


When is ALEKS?

  • WOU Math offers two five-week ALEKS prep courses (weeks 1-5, MTH 67 and weeks 6-10, MTH 68).
  • You can take MTH 67, MTH 68, or if you want the additional study time, both MTH 67 and MTH 68.
  • You can sign up for MTH 67 or MTH 68 using the usual registration procedures.


ALEKS and student enrollment

  • Credits earned in MTH 67 or MTH 68 apply for enrollment (eligibility) but do not apply toward a degree and satisfies no university or college requirement.


Midterm Enrollment Eligibility for ALEKS

  • If you are currently enrolled in MTH 70, 95, or 111, you may switch from your current math course and enroll in an ALEKS prep course (MTH 67 or 68).
  • Only students who have been attending their current math course may choose this midterm change of course.
  • If you are interested in switching, please talk to your current instructor or drop by the Mathematics Department Office (MNB 116) for more information.

Questions? Please contact the WOU Mathematics Department, Math & Nursing Building 116


Mathematics Department (503) 838-8465 | or e-mail:

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