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Organizational Overview

Pudding River Watershed:

The Pudding River, in the eastern region of the Willamette Basin, covers 531 square miles. Agriculture is the predominant land use in the drainage basin, and water from the basin is mainly used for agricultural production. There are eight major subbasins that drain into the Pudding River. These include Silver Ck, Zollner Ck, Abiqua Ck, Butte Ck, Drift Ck, Little Pudding River, Rock Creek, and the Senecal / Mill Creek drainage area.

Purpose of Watershed Council:

The Pudding River Watershed Council was formed to help address issues in the Pudding River Watershed and provide a framework for education, coordination, and cooperation among all interests in the development and promotion of a watershed action plan.


The Pudding River Watershed Council will provide opportunities for those who live, work, play, and derive benefits from the Pudding River Watershed to cooperate in promoting the health of the watershed and the social and economic benefits to the communities, and to protect and enhance the environmental, historical, and cultural aspects of the watershed.


A sustainable, healthy Watershed.


Many ongoing activities of the council are funded by grants from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. We also enlist support of cities and counties within the watershed, as well as agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and the Dept. of Forestry. Another long-time supporter and benefactor is the Marion Soil and Water Conservation District. The Pudding River Watershed is a member of the Salem Keizer Urban Watersheds Association, a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Corporation, and as such, can take tax-exempt individual donations from private individuals.


We are part of a volunteer water quality monitoring project in the basin and support local groups or schools to do monitoring. Volunteers are encouraged to take on a monthly sampling station near you. To see a watershed map or look at trends in water quality data, please visit our link to the Watershed Assessment, especially the Water Quality Component.

River Cleanup Events:

We organize two cleanup events a year near Mt. Angel on the Pudding River to clean up litter from the stream and adjacent roadways. SOLV, Salem Pepsi Bottling, Kennedy HS, Scotts Mills Market, Roths Family Market of Silverton have been supporters. The Pudding River WC is also partners in an annual cleanup along Silver Creek through Silverton with Coldwell Banker Realty.


We are working to complete a Watershed Assessment of the Pudding River to determine the state of fish and wildlife populations and the health of the system and to identify areas where more data is needed and where restoration efforts would be most effective. Volunteer opportunities exist to contribute fish and wildlife information, especially to the Historic component. Other volunteer opportunities relating to the Watershed Assessment are checking culverts for fish passability, and ground-truthing riparian or stream habitat conditions.

Streamside Planting Events:

Volunteers help every year at local restoration sites to plant native trees and remove invasive ivy or other weeds. We probably have a spring or fall planting event near you on a local stream that you could help out at!

Pudding Watershed Assessment

Pudding River Watershed Assessment Proposal

Chapter 1 - General Setting
  • Chapter 1 Maps

    Chapter 2 - Water Quality
  • Chapter 2 Maps

    Chapter 3 - Fish Populations and Aquatic Habitat
  • Chapter 3 Maps

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    Image33_300.jpg - 13101 Bytes Image34_300.jpg - 20587 Bytes
    The Pudding River is home to native cutthroat trout, Spring Chinook Salmon and winter Steelhead. Students and volunteers at Waypark Road annual Cleanup.
    Image35_300.jpg - 19553 Bytes image36_300.jpg - 22928 Bytes
    Over 20 signs in east Salem and Marion County were made available by a grant from the City of Salem Public Works Department to help identify the Pudding River Watershed Boundary to the public. Students from Silverton High School testing basic water quality.
    Image37_300.jpg - 26209 Bytes Image38_300.jpg - 14274 Bytes
    Students get ready to spread mulch and plant trees at a project on Woods Creek near Lake Labish. Illegal dumping is a problem in the watershed. This was a cleanup near Gallon House Road with Silverton area Girl Scouts.
    Image39_300.jpg - 17701 Bytes Image40_300.jpg - 27187 Bytes
    Volunteers help plant Spring, 05 along Silver Creek. On-going Ivy Removal efforts in the watershed help raise public awareness of the problems associated with invasive weeds and help to restore ecological function to riparian forests.
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