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Environmental Chemistry


CHEMISTRY CORE (74 credits)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Frequency
BI211,212,213 Principles of Biology 15 (5-5-5)

full sequence once annually (fall-winter-spring). BI211 also offered winter term. Series does not need to be completed sequentially

CH221,222,223 General Chemistry Series 15 (5-5-5) twice annually (fall-winter-spring or winter-spring-fall)
CH312 Quantitative Analysis 4 annually (winter term)
CH313 Instrumental Analysis 4 annually (spring term)
CH334,335, 336 Organic Chemistry Lecture Series 9 (3-3-3) annually (fall-winter-spring)
CH337 & CH338 Organic Chemistry Lab 3 (1-2) annually (winter-spring)
CH340 Elementary Physical Chemistry 4 alternate years*
CH350W Chemical Literature 1 annually (winter term)
CH407W Chemistry Seminar 1 annually (spring term)
CH412 Inorganic Chemistry of the Environment 4 alternate years
CH450 Biochemistry I 3 annually (fall-winter terms)
CH461-462 W Experimental Chemistry 4 (2-2) alt years (even fall-winter)*
MTH243 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 4 annually each term

*even and odd designations refer to the fall term calendar year (example: Fall 2013-Winter 2014-Spring 2014 is an odd calendar year)


Both the B.A. and B.S. degrees require the completion of MTH 251Calculus I, MTH252 Calculus II, and either CS 121 Computer Applications or 161 Computer Science I. The six hours of writing intensive course work should come from CH 350W, CH 407W, CH 461W and CH 462W. The sequence PH201, 202, and 203 or PH211, 212, and 213 is to be completed as the LACC science requirement. GEOG105 is to be taken as part of the Social Science component of the LACC. This major requires the completion of the Environmental Chemistry Minor.



Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Frequency
CH310 Environmental Geochemistry 3

alternate years

CH361 Energy and Resources in Perspective 3 alternate years
ES201, 202 Principles of Geology 8 (4-4) annually (fall and winter term)
ES473 Environmental Geology 4  
Choose 1 of the following

ES341 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (4)


ES492 GIS Applications in Earth Science (3)


GEOG 341 Geographic Information Systems (4)

Electives: Choose 6-7 credits from the following

BI331 General Microbiology (4)


BI357 General Ecology (4)


BI361 Marine Ecology (5)


BI454 Plant Ecology (4)


CH161 Fundamentals of Photography for Forensic Science (2)


CH345 Introduction to Toxicology (3)


CH360 Nuclear Chemistry


CH401 Research (1-3)


CH409 Practicum (1)


ES331 Introduction to Oceanography (3)


ES460 Energy and Mineral Resources (3)


ES476 Hydrology (3)


ES492 GIS Applications in Earth Science (3)


GEOG393 Soils Geography (4)




This minor is available to non-chemistry majors. If an Earth Science Major selects this minor, ES201, ES202, and ES473 will be replaced by CH223, CH371, and one additional science course approved by an advisor. If a Biology Major chooses this minor, CH371 will be a required elective.


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