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Writing Center


In-Person and Online Tutoring Services for Students


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What is In-Person Tutoring?

An in-person tutoring appointment is most ideal for you as a writer: the face-to-face session gives you the opportunity to hear your work read aloud, ask questions, and learn new skills. While each appointment lasts at least 30 minutes, you have the option to schedule 1-hour appointments.


What is Online Tutoring?

An online tutoring session is a 1-hour, real-time consultation with a writing consultant. The online sessions have been designed for students who work full-time or have family commitments. Without leaving the workplace or home, student-writers have the opportunity to meet with writing consultants in a manner that honors their responsibilities outside of school. It is important to know, however, that online appointments are not designed for sessions focusing on grammar. When scheduling an online appointment, please be aware that our tutors can help you only with content. If your concerns are limited to grammar, you will need to make a face-to-face appointment.


What are Night Hours?

Night hours are located in the library, room 116, and are designed for students who need last minute help or could not make an appointment during the day. Sessions are typically only about 20 minutes in length, so they are not designed to go as in-depth as appointments in APSC. Appointments for night hours can be made ten minutes prior to opening, at the earliest. The online appointment book can be found through your WOU Portal.





How Will Your Professor Know When You Have Used Our Services?

At the end of each session, the tutor provides you with a gold-colored confirmation slip to serve as proof of your visit. While many student-writers are not required to seek writing assistance by their instructors, they often choose to attach the slips to their final papers as evidence of their investment in the assignment. We also have online confirmation notices via e-mail for online appointments and/or classes.






Quick Links

Choosing the Best Tutor for Your Assignment


Prepare for Your Appointment

For a scheduled appointment, you are expected to arrive on time. If you are 5+ minutes late, you will be marked as a no-show and a walk-in student may take your reservation. Additionally, you should bring the following items to your appointment:

  • the instructor's written assignment
  • if the assignment involves work from a textbook or handout, bring the source for reference
  • a writing utensil
  • for drafts: a type-written, double-spaced hard copy
  • for brainstorming: scratch paper

Cancel Your Appointment

As a matter of courtesy, we ask that you cancel and/or reschedule a reservation at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. This allows other students the opportunity to work with a consultant during the particular time. To cancel/reschedule, access the online appointment book via your WOU Portal:

  1. Log on to your WOU Portal and click on the "WC Online" button to access the online appointment book.
  2. Go to the "control panel" link in the top, left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Under the greeting "Welcome [your name]!" is a section called "My Appointments." Find the appointment you would like to cancel and click on "view/modify."
  4. A new screen will appear that resembles your original reservation screen. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up screen and click on the "cancel this appointment" button.
  5. You will receive a confirmation message that your reservation has been successfully deleted.

Please note that any appointment cancelled less than 12 hours in advance will be marked as a no-show, so the online scheduler will not allow you to cancel less than 12 hours in advance.


You can also call us (503.838.8286) or email us ( to cancel an appointment.


Don't Be a "No Show"

When you fail to show for a scheduled appointment, you will be marked as a no show. After three no shows, you will no longer have access to the online appointment book for the duration of the quarter. Access will be reinstated at the start of the following term.


Maximize Our Service

If you come only a day or two before the paper is due, and something occurs where we cannot serve you (e.g., the tutor is ill), we do not take responsibility for your not receiving a confirmation slip. In order to ensure that you are served, the Writing Center recommends that you make an appointment at least one week in advance before a paper is due, especially if your professor requires you to come see us.


Get Help with Group Writing

We serve students when they write group papers, but we require that all group members attend the session for feedback on their writing. We require all writers to be present so that we fulfill the mission of our center to help you with your writing rather than editing your work. Also, this helps prevents one group member from unfairly doing more work than the others.


Your Professors Will Require You to Write in Your Major

Your professors recognize the fact that writing is an important tool for learning and discovery as well as for conveying what has been learned and discovered. They also know that you will develop proficiency as a writer when you have frequent opportunities to write in courses in your major. Your professors share the responsibility for helping you learn the conventions and rhetorical practices of your discipline or area of study. This means that writing instruction will be continuous throughout your undergraduate education, and instructors will provide you with meaningful feedback and opportunities to revise.


The Writing Center is a free academic-support service with one goal: to help you succeed on your college writing assignments. Staff members represent a range of majors, including Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Education, History, Philosophy, and Psychology, to name a few. Each consultant is an exceptional writer and possesses a wealth of knowledge about courses, professors, and writing expectations in the major.


Graduate Student Writing Services

Since papers involved in graduate programs are typically extensive (e.g. thesis projects), the Writing Center offers long-term tutoring to assist with revising and editing. These tutoring appointments are face to face, involving both the student and the tutor. We encourage graduate students to make multiple appointments with the same tutor on a weekly or biweekly basis, in order to get the best service and advice possible. We are unable to recommend any outside professional services, since we are unable to monitor the quality of external sources.


Discipline-Specific Styles Guides

A style guide contains a storehouse of information about the writing-related requirements of a particular discipline, professional organization, and/or publishing house. Guides include information with regard to editorial style, formatting, punctuation, citations, and reference lists. College instructors require you to use particular style guides in their courses, and the list below offers an overview of guides which are currently utlized at Western:

Quick References

Specialized Writing Support for International Students

We are privileged to welcome you, as international students, to Western Oregon University, and we value the wealth of cultural diversity that you bring to campus. We recognize that you may face difficulties with course content and culturally different classroom expectations because you have limited experience studying in English. We would love to offer you support in your academic writing through the following services.


Here's What We Can Do for You:

  • One-on-one tutorials
  • Developmental Writing Workshops

Here's What You Need to Do:

  • Make an appointment for a tutorial
  • Contact the English Writing Specialist for International Students (Dennis Butler) at


Specialized Writing Support for Spanish Speakers

Western recognizes you as an outstanding student group on campus. Your population is not only steadily growing at WOU but throughout Oregon schools; in fact, experts say that by the year 2014, two in every ten high school students will be Spanish speaking. With appropriate training, you can use your knowledge of Spanish to learn English. The Writing Center specializes in teaching you how to use your native language to become better English writers. The writing tools you learn from us will not only help you to do well on your class assignments but will prepare you to succeed in your education and beyond.


Here's What We Can Do for You:

  • One-on-one tutorials
  • Developmental Writing Workshops

Here's What You Need to Do:

  • Make an appointment for a tutorial
  • Contact the English Writing Specialist for Spanish Speakers (Maria Rosario Peralta Cortez) at

Choosing the Best Tutor for Your Assignment

One of the best things about the Writing Center is that we hire consultants from a variety of majors. Our tutors truly reflect the diversity of majors on our campus. From Psychology to Criminal Justice to Anthropology, we can help you find the perfect tutor for you! Selecting a tutor in your subject area is extremely beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Tutors know the professors and their expectations
  • Tutors have been through the classes and know the content
  • Tutors know the required formatting and citation style

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