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Spotlight on Visiting Scholars


Chang Lanhua (Allen)


I’m from Xianda College, Shanghai. I’ve been teaching English for 9 years and I mainly teach integrated English course and E-C translation course. I’m very interested in TEFL and English translation. As a visiting scholar here at WOU, I want to know more about the language teaching methods and teaching style in America. I hope this valuable academic and cultural experience enables me to gain more insight into English teaching in China.


I was brought up in East China’s Anhui Province and now I have lived in Shanghai for more than 10 years. This is the first time that I’ve travelled so far away from China and I miss my family a little bit, especially my two-year-old daughter who seems to have already forgotten about me


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Miao Jia (Delia)


I am from Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, which is located in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province. It is a picturesque city which is only 50 minutes' train from Shanghai. I have a seven year old daughter and she will arrive here this Sunday. I am expecting for that. Hopefully we'll stay here for a year.


In my university in China, I have been teaching the English majors Comprehensive Reading, translation theories home and abroad, English Phonology etc.since 2004. My research field is translation, and specifically corpus-based translation studies. I am also interested in linguistics, English teaching strategies, etc. I like to listen to the lectures here which really benefit me a lot.


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Chanjuan Chen (Jessica)


As a matter of fact, I have been teaching English since I was a postgraduate in 2003, thus having a relatively sufficient amount of teaching experience. When I was a postgraduate, I work part time in many language training schools as an English teacher and gained popularity for my effective teaching. At that time, the students were mainly from elementary, middle and high schools. Now I’m working in Xianda College, SISU.


This time, my colleague, Allen, goes with me to WOU as visiting scholars. I take great interest in the teaching of English grammar, writing, reading and some fundamental knowledge of linguistics. And these days I attend some courses and talk with the faculty and students in WOU, which is such an interesting experience that I really derive a lot of fun from that. Incidentally, I gain a better understanding of higher education in the United States and a better knowledge of American people, cultures, customs and so forth. What’s more, I am astounded by the varieties of materials and data in the school library.


As for me, after I became a teacher, I’ve been quite talkative although when I was a student, I was very quiet. That’s an interesting change for me. Teaching, to some extent, helps to fulfill my potential, which is beyond my expectation.


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