Students will satisfy this requirement by completing six (6) hours of "writing intensive" course work taken from within any portion of the student’s degree program. Writing intensive courses carry a special ‘W’ designation in the Schedule of Classes. If the course also meets the cultural diversity requirements it will carry a special ‘C’ designation in the Schedule of Classes.

Three (3) hours of this requirement may be met by any upper-division non-creative writing course (those with a WR prefix) even if the class does not carry the 'W' designation in the Schedule of Classes.

Students must complete WR 135 (or its transfer equivalent) before enrolling in upper-division writing-intensive courses.

Honors Program participants should consult the Honors Program description and the Director of the Honors Program regarding course work to meet the writing requirements.



See Schedule of Classes for specific sections.

A 315W Intermediate Design: 2-Dimensional

A 404W Art History: Non-Western Art

A 405W Art History: Women in Art

A 406W Art History: Special Topics

ANTH 326W Ethnographic Writing

ANTH 365W The Museum and "the Other"

ANTH 369W Visual Anthropology

ANTH 380W Peoples & Cultures of Africa

ANTH 384W Modernity & Social Change

ANTH 386W Islam & Culture

ANTH 388W Transnational Migration

ANTH 410W Research Design

ANTH 412W Senior Project

ANTH 476W Religion & Ritual

BA 345W Internet and Electronic Commerce

BA 411W Marketing Strategy

BA 451W Auditing

BA 477W Topics in Marketing

BI 312W Animal Behavior

BI 357W General Ecology

BI 440W Emerging & Re-emerging Infectious Diseases

BI 471W Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises

CH 313W Instrumental Analysis

CH 334W Organic Chemistry

CH 335W Organic Chemistry

CH 336W Organic Chemistry

CH 350W Chemical Literature

CH 407W Seminar

CH 461W Experimental Chemistry

CH 462W Experimental Chemistry

CJ 327W Introduction to Research Methods in Criminal Justice

CJ 423W Management in Law Enforcement Organizations

CJ 435W Gender, Crime & Justice

CJ 440W Community Crime Prevention Studies

EC 200W Introduction to Economic Perspectives

EC 315W Economic Analysis & Report Writing

EC 444W Labor Economics

ED 433W Human Development & Classroom Learning

ENG 105W Introduction to Literature: Drama

ENG 223W Introduction to Literary Study

ENG 341W Period Studies in European Literature after 1700

ENG 380W Bible as Literature

ENG 470W Modern American Usage

ENT 330W Planning and Creating New Ventures

G 201W Geology

G 202W Geology

G 203W Geology

G 322W Geomorphology & Aerial Photo Interpretation

GEOG 321W Field Geography

GEOG 425W Urban Planning & Policy

GEOG 495W History & Philosophy of Geography

GS 313W Earth Science for Elementary Schools

H 303W Thesis Development Seminar

HE 462W Contemporary Health Issues

HE 475W Epidemiology

HST 101W History of Western Civilizations

HST 102W History of Western Civilizations

HST 201W History of the United States

HST 202W History of the United States

HST 203W History of the United States

HST 301W History Research & Writing

HST 401W History and the Internet

HST 410W Gender Issues Part I

HST 411W Gender Issues Part II

HST 420W Philosophies of History

HST 499W Senior Seminar

INT 465W Current Issues for Interpreters

LING 450W Grammar and Writing

LING 490W History of the English Language

LING 492W The Structure of English

MTH 344W Group Theory

MTH 472W History of Mathematics

MUS 204W Music of the World

MUS 205W Music of the Black Heritage

MUS 360W Renaissance & Early Baroque Music

MUS 363W Ethnic and World Music

PE 310W Motor Learning

PE 483W Biomechanical Analysis

PHL 314W Modern European Philosophy

PHL 405W Senior Tutorial in Philosophy

PS 202W State & Local Government

PS 203W International Relations

PS 409W Practicum: Administrative Internship

PS 410W Political Science Internship

PS 415W Politics & Psychology

PS 423W Issues in National Policy

PS 430W The Aging Society

PS 445W Introduction to Policy Analysis

PS 478W Political Fiction

PS 497W American Foreign Relations

PSY 217W Introduction to Research Methods

PSY 426W History of Psychology

PSY 468W Research Methods in Psychology

SOC 492W Senior Seminar I

SOC 493W Senior Seminar II

SOC 494W Senior Seminar III

SP 211W Introduction to Mass Communication

SP 236W Contemporary Issues in American Broadcasting

SP 426W Language of the Mass Media

TA 110W Introduction to the Theater Arts

TA 330W Script Writing

TA 444W Theory & Criticism of Theater Arts

WR 321W Business & Technical Writing

WR 430W Historical Issues in Composition

WR 440W Teaching of Writing