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About the Department Death of Socrates


Mailing Address:
    Humanities Division Office
    Western Oregon University
    345 N. Monmouth Ave.
    Monmouth, Oregon 97361  USA


Humanities Office Location: HSS 313


Humanities Office Phone:
(503) 838-8408 --Voice;

(503) 838-8056 -- Fax


Faculty Members:


Dr. Susan Daniel, Associate Professor

Department Head 2014-2015

Dr. Mark Perlman, Professor

Dr. Ryan Hickerson, Associate Professor

Dr. Ken Kirby, Adjunct Assistant Professor


General Mission Statement:

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department seeks to nurture the development of reason--a thoughtful, informed, and critically reflective intellectual conscience ready to identify and reassess basic assumptions--within the College community generally but especially within our students. The essence of philosophy is to question, inquire into, and think critically about fundamental principles, whatever the field, but above all the principles of philosophy itself. Consequently, for philosophy to be true to itself, no such assumption as may be found in a mission statement can ever be wholly settled and taken for granted.


The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department has responsibility for several programs within the College: the Philosophy Major, the Philosophy Minor, the Humanities Major for students who concentrate in Philosophy, the Humanities Minor for students who concentrate in Religious Studies and Philosophy, the Elementary Education Support Area in philosophy, the Elementary Education Support Area in Religious Studies, the Philosophy Component of the Honors Program, the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum requirement of a course in Philosophy or Religious Studies, and its support of the student Philosophy Club discussion group, sponsored lectures, and symposia on campus. In addition, members of the Department understand themselves as philosophers to have an important role to play in fostering the reflective intellectual culture that the institution is supposed to represent and promote.  


Philosophy Department (503) 838-8378 | or e-mail: