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French Specialization in Secondary Education


(Middle Level/High School Authorization)


The typical Secondary Education Bachelors degree is broken down as follows:
(note that the number of hours required for the "teaching major" may vary slightly depending on the major chosen, this will also cause a variation in the number of hours that may be taken as "electives")


Liberal Arts Core Curriculum 55 hours
Teaching Major 63 hours or higher
Professional Education Core 48 hours
Electives up to 26 hours
Total required for Bachelors degree 192 hours


Within the Secondary Education program, students may pursue a French Education Major (64 hours) to satisfy the Teaching Major portion of the program.


The 64-hour French Education Major

consists of 52 hours beyond the first-year language level (first-year language=12 hours)
and includes the following:


Required Language and Culture Courses -- 35 hours
Course # Course Title Hours
FR 201
FR 202
FR 203
Second Year French I
Second Year French II
Second Year French III
FR 301
FR 302
FR 303
Intermediate French Comp. and Conv. I
Intermediate French Comp. and Conv. II
Intermediate French Comp. and Conv. III
FR 331 French Pronunciation and Phonetics 3
FR 416 Language Teaching Practicum 2
choose 2:
FR 431/531 or
FR 432/532 or
FR 433/533
choose 2:
French Cult. & Civ.:  From La Gaule to the Revolution  or
French Cult. & Civ.:  Nineneenth Century   or
French Cult. & Civ.:  Contemporary France


French Literature Courses -- 6 hours
Choose two (2) courses from the following:
Course # Course Title Hours
FR 311
FR 312
FR 313
Introduction to French Literature I: Prose Fiction
Introduction to French Literature II: Drama
Introduction to French Literature III: Poetry
FR 411
FR 412
FR 413
French Lit. I: Medieval/Renaissance
French Lit. II: Classical/Enlightenment
French Lit. III: Modern Period
FR 423
FR 424
Studies in French Lit. I: Medieval/Renaissance
Studies in French Lit. II: Classical/Enlightenment


Electives in French -- 11 hours
These 11 hours must be selected from upper-division French courses (courses numbered 300-499). It is highly recommended that students consult with their advisors in planning their selection of French course electives.


Note: The summaries found in these French web pages are for general informational purposes only. In the event of a disagreement between the information presented here and that found in the Western Oregon University Catalog, the Western Oregon University Schedule of Courses, or any other official document pertaining to the academic programs at Western Oregon University, the information in those official printed sources will supersede any information in these web pages.


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