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English, Writing & Linguistics

  Supporting Visuals and Texts Archive  



Faculty Sponsor: Christine Harvey Horning


Works Cited by Elijah Carrillo


Faculty Sponsor: David Hargreaves


Linguistic Properties of ASL by Ami Ruda and Abigail Roeder


Faculty Sponsor: Robert Troyer


Noun Modifiers in Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor by Emily Ward


Faculty Sponsor: Katherine Schmidt


Microfiction by Rosario Peralta Cortez, Sarah Jade Parrish, Rosiee Thormahlen, and Sophia Wellons


Writerly Success 101 (digital composition) by Matt Hakola, Danielle Hannan, and Miranda Warren


Faculty Sponsor: Christine Harvey Horning


My Experience at the Undergraduate Northwest Conference on Literature by Amelia Liggett






Faculty Sponsor: Meg Artman 

Updating the System Used For Collecting Customer Information at NorthStar Trekking
by Amanda Soto

Encouraging the Communications Staff to Work Holidays in the Western Oregon University Public Safety Office
by Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales

Improving Walk-In Customer Satisfaction At High Street Shoe Repair
by Katlyn Miller

Faculty Sponsor: David Hargreaves

An Analysis of Verbal Aspect in Native Speaker and Language Learner Narrative Writings by Laura Nott

The Linguistics of American Sign Language Poetry
by Rose Crooks

Faculty Sponsor: Cornelia Paraskevas

A Few Aspects of Tyndale's English Translation of the New Testament from Koine Greek by Katurah Hein

The Emote: The Evolution of Written Communication
by Evan Griffiths

The Changing Connotation of the Words Nerd and Geek
by Rose Crooks and Brandon Fink

Faculty Sponsor: Katherine Schmidt

Presentation and Excerpts from Change (fiction) by Aaron Dull

Excerpt from To Kill a Dragon (fiction) by Jill Bourgeois Ekins

Excerpt from The Road More or Less Traveled (fiction) by Justin Rush

Faculty Sponsor:  Katherine Schmidt

The Adventures of Sir Parsnip Literally
(digital composition) by Rhiannon Goodfellow, Sarah Parrish, and Rose Thormahlen

Faculty Sponsor: Gavin Keulks

First Place Winner of the Meyer Prize Excellence in Literature: "A Beautiful Disaster: The Paradoxes of Self-Deception and Freedom within The Great Gatsby and American Beauty" by Paige O'Rourke



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