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Communication Studies Major (66 credits)


COM 112: Interpersonal Communication

COM 312: Public Relations Communication

COM 323: Group Discussion and Leadership

COM 324: Business and Professional Communication

COM 331: Nonverbal Communication

COM 340: Conflict Management

COM 351: Foundations in Health Communication

COM 361: Health Literacy

COM 410: Communication and Event Planning

COM 420: Communication in Organizations

COM 440: Relational Communication

COM 450: Crisis Communication Management

COM 461: Family Communication


COM 321: Influencing through Argument

COM 326: Communication and Controversy: Freedom of Speech in United States

COM 327: Communication in the Legal Field

COM 412: Criticism of Public Discourse

COM 422: Persuasion

COM 432: Rhetoric in the Western Tradition

COM 435: Rhetoric of the Women’s Movement

COM 439: Contemporary US Public Address

COM 442: Communication and Social Change


COM 211: Introduction to Mass Communication

COM 236: Contemporary Issues in Media

COM 325: Intercultural Communication

COM 335: Communication and Gender

COM 342: Media Literacy

COM 343: Communication in the Information Age

COM 380: Environmental Communication

COM 416: Communication and Politics

COM 426: Language of the Mass Media


Choose from any COM courses not used to fulfill another requirement in the major.





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