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Degrees at a Distance Courses Course Descriptions

FSA 323 Fire and Emergency Services Administration, 5 credits - ONLINE
This course is designed to be a progressive primer for students who want more knowledge about fire and emergency services administration. The course demonstrates the importance of the following skills necessary to manage and lead a fire and emergency services department through the challenges and changes of the 21st century: persuasion and influence, accountable budgeting, anticipation of challenges, the need for change, and the use of specific management tools for analyzing and solving problems. A central part of the course focuses on how the leadership of a fire and emergency services department develops internal and external cooperation to create a coordinated approach to achieving the department's mission. Instructor: Jim Wenzel.


FSA 324 Analytic Approaches to Public Fire Protection, 5 credits - ONLINE
An introduction to systems analysis procedures and applications in fire protection. Topics include: systems thinking; public fire protection; statistical analysis using graphs and spread sheets; statistical concepts and their application to the fire service; system models; gathering and presenting data; fire incident analysis; fire department financial analysis; fire department performance surveys; using results; and public fire protection. Instructor: TBA


FSA 325 Personnel Management for the Fire Service, 5 credits - ONLINE
Examines relationships and issues in personnel administration and human resource development within the context of fire-related organizations. Topics include: personnel management and organizational development; motivation and individual productivity; recruitment and selection; job promotion process; training and education; performance management systems discipline; organizational productivity; compensation and benefits; employee and labor relations; collective bargaining and labor agreements; and contemporary issues and trends in managing people and programs. Instructor: Karen Zucco-Gatlin.


FSA 326 Fire Prevention Organization and Management, 5 credits - ONLINE
Examines techniques, procedures, programs, and agencies involved with fire prevention. Topics include: background and concepts of fire prevention; governmental and non-governmental fire prevention functions; organizing local government fire prevention efforts; preparing fire prevention personnel; fire prevention through building and other fire safety-related codes; fire prevention through code enforcement; effective fire prevention inspection; human reactions to fire situations; public fire safety education; research in fire prevention; international fire prevention practice; evaluation of fire safety efforts; post-fire efforts and cause determination; and pre-fire and post-fire arson efforts. Instructor: Jim Wenzel


FSA 327 Fire-Related Human Behavior, 5 credits - ONLINE
Examines human behavior in fires and disasters, arson, fire fighting, code compliance, and public fire education. Topics include: individual and group response during fire emergencies; fire's impact on individual families and the community; juvenile fire setters; arson; special populations; the psychological impact of fire on firefighters; interviewing victims and witnesses; compliance and codes; high-rise buildings; warning systems; systems approach to fire emergencies; and systematic approach to fire prevention and education. Instructor: Jeff Prechel


FSA 328 Disaster Planning and Control, 5 credits - ONLINE
Examines concepts and principles of community risk assessment, planning and response to fires, and natural and man-made disasters, including National Incident Management System - Incident Command Systems (NIMS ICS), mutual aid and automatic response, training and preparedness, communications, civil disturbances, terrorist threats/incidents, hazardous materials planning, mass casualty incidents, earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation and recovery. Instructor: Beverley Walker.


FSA 329 Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Protection, 5 credits - CORRESPONDENCE
Examines the legal, political and social aspects of the government's role in public safety. Topics include: the American legal system; legal processes; legal basis for the fire service; tort liability; negligence and fire suppression; safety; negligent operation; legal basis for fire safety regulation; code enforcement; investigation and prosecution; public sector personnel protection systems; fair compensation; involuntary terminations; duty owed to the firefighter; and managing the legal environment. Instructor: Jim Wenzel


FSA 330 Fire Protection Structures and Systems, 5 credits - ONLINE
Examines the underlying principles involved in structural fire protection systems, building furnishings and fire protection systems including water-based fire suppressions systems, fire alarm and detection systems, special hazard suppression systems and smoke management systems. Instructor: Joe Guarnera


FSA 331 Community Risk Reduction for Fire and Emergency Services, 5 credits - ONLINE
Provides a theoretical framework for the understanding of the ethical, sociological, organizational, political and legal components of community risk reduction, and a methodology for the development of a comprehensive community risk reduction plan. Instructor: TBA.


FSA 332 Fire Investigation and Analysis, 5 credits - ONLINE
Examines technical investigative, legal and social aspects of arson, including principles of incendiary fire analysis and detection; environmental and psychological factors of arson; legal considerations; intervention and mitigation strategies. Instructor: Lynn Davis.


FSA 333 Applications of Fire Research, 5 credits - ONLINE
Examines the rationale for conducting various fire protection research activities and research applications. Topics include: fire dynamics and fire safety properties; fire test standards and codes; fire modeling; structural fire safety; automatic detections and suppression; life safety; transportation fire hazards; risk analysis and loss control; firefighter health and safety; fire service applied research; and trends in fire-related research. Instructor: TBA


FSA 334 Fire Dynamics, 5 credits - ONLINE
Examines fire dynamics within the context of fire fighting and its applications to fire situations. Topics include: chemistry, physical processes and fluid dynamics; fire and combustion; explosions; ignition and flame spread; flames and fire plumes; pre- and post-flashover compartment fires; smoke movement; fire suppression; fire dynamics applications to building codes and large-loss fires; special hazards; and fire modeling and trends in fire dynamics. Instructor: Joe Guarnera


FSA 335 Emergency Medical Services Administration, 3 credits - ONLINE
An overview of the management of emergency medical services including organization, budget determination, purchasing and communication. Emphasis on directing and delegation of decision making including managing stress. Prerequisite: EMT-1 or equivalent. Instructor: TBA.


FSA 336 Managerial Issues of Hazardous Materials, 5 credits - ONLINE
Examines federal and state regulations concerning hazardous materials. Topics include: health and safety; the hazardous materials management system; the incident command system; politics of hazmat incident management; site management and control; hazard and risk evaluation; personal protective clothing and equipment; and information management and resource coordination. Instructor: Joe Guarnera


FSA 403 Field Study, 3 credits - ONLINE
Field experience in directed study in a variety of professional and career-oriented situations.
Open to degree candidates only. Instructor: TBA Pass/No Pass grade. No books required.


SSc 409 Practicum, Variable 3 to 12 credits - ONLINE
Supervised experience in fire service administration in a variety of command levels and responsibilities.
Open to degree candidates only. Instructor: TBA. Pass/No Pass grade. No books required.


Please note: Tuition/fees are subject to Oregon University System review and may change without notice.


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