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Department of Computer Science


The following are requirements of a BA/BA in Computer Science.  It does not represent a contract and may have errors.  Please consult the current WOU Course Catalog and your advisor for more information.
The degree in computer science provides students with a well-defined program of study in the areas of program definition, systems analysis, mini/micro operation. This degree leads to careers in business, industry, government, and teaching of computer science at the high school level.
To enter the Computer Science program, students should have a minimum of MTH 111 equivalency.  To enter the junior level (300) courses, students must have completed CS 160, CS 161, CS 162, and CS 260.

Printable Degree Plan


Tentative Course Offerings by term


Lower Division

Choose 9 hours from ONE of the following sequences:
Course Description Credits Computational Theory
CS 160 Introduction to Computer Science 3 Course Description Credits
CS 161 Computer Science I  5 CS 440 Analysis of Algorithms 3
CS 162 Computer Science II 5 CS 445 Theory of Computation 3
CS 260 Data Structures I 3 CS 447 Compiler Design 3
CS 262 Programming Languages 2 CS 449 Topics in Computational Theory 3
CS 271 Computer Organization 4  
System Management

Upper Division

Course Description Credits
Course Description Credits CS 450 Network Fundamentals 3
CS 311 Data Structures II 3 CS 451 Management of Information Systems 3
CS 315 Theory of Programming Languages 3 CS 452 Internet Communications 3
CS 345  Theory of Computation I 3 CS 453 Data Mining and Warehousing 3
CS 372 Operating Systems 3 CS 459 Topics in System Management 3
CS 409 Practicum 5  
CS 420 Data Management Systems 3 Software Engineering
CS 425 System Analysis and Design 3 Course Description Credits
CS 430 Software Implementation and Testing 3 CS 470 Human Machine Interfaces 3
CS 471 Metrics and Testing 4

Choose ONE elective in Mathematics from the following:

CS 472 Operating Systems: Advanced Topics 3
Course Description Credits CS 474 Concurrent Systems 3
MTH 341 Linear Algebra I 3 CS 475 Applied Computational Intelligence 3
MTH 346 Number Theory 3 CS 479 Topics in Software Engineering 3
MTH 354 Discrete Structures I 3  
CS Minor
Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (Total Credits) 55
Computer Science (Total Credits) 60
Minor* 15-33
Electives (BA/BS Degree Requirements) Varies
Minimum hours required for CS Degree 180

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