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Edward B. Wright Center for Computing Sciences


Instructional Technology Center

3rd Floor Renovation


The Edward B. Wright Center for Computing Sciences is on the third floor of the Instructional Technology Center (ITC) and is the home to the Computer Science Division following a two-year, $1.3 million renovation. The center's 9000 sq ft open floor plan contains two computer labs, a smart classroom and 13 faculty offices. Adjacent to faculty offices are student areas designed to promote a community feel between students and faculty as well as informal seating and several large wall mounted monitors to promote collaboration on projects.

"The design of the Edward B. Wright Center for Computing Science has been developed to provide both technologically advanced learning environments and inviting and comfortable interactive spaces. The goal of this project has been to promote collaborative interaction between students and faculty with public discussion of current computing science issues. Towards this end, the third floor of the ITC Building has been reconfigured to provide multiple, naturally lit technical laboratories, classrooms, student lobbies, and study spaces providing flexible open and inviting areas where students can engage in constructive exchanges and networking with peers, faculty, and the extended academic community. The Edward B. Wright Center for Computing Sciences will promote both mastery of the leading technology of today and the collaborative teamwork skills necessary for tomorrow." ~Gary Day, Architect, Benchmark Architectural Services


Classroom: ITC 311

ITC 311

Senior Project Group Meeting


Faculty Advising Students


Student Study Groups




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