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 Theatre and Dance
Theatre Courses


Schedule of Classes

TA 110 Introduction to the Theater Arts 3 hours

An introductory study of the theater arts including general theater history, play analysis, production evaluation and a basic understanding of the way in which the technical theater areas are related to production. Field trips to view productions will be encouraged.
TA 199 Special Studies
Terms and hours to be arranged.
TA 210 Oral Expression Through Theater 3 hours
Experience in stage diction. Concentrated study of speaking skills for use on the stage.
TA 240 Creative Drama for Elementary Teachers 3 hours
Creative dramatics leadership principles that apply to the elementary classroom. Techniques of employing the child's native aptitude.
TA 244 Technical Theater: Scenecraft 3 hours
Lecture, reading and discussion in the basic principles and process of theatrical scenecraft, with suitable opportunity for practical applications.
TA 245 Technical Theater: Lighting 3 hours
Lecture, reading and discussion in the basic principles and process of theatrical lighting, with suitable opportunity for practical application
TA 246 Technical Theater: Costuming 3 hours
Lecture, reading and discussion in the basic principles and process of theatrical costuming and design with suitable opportunity for practical application.
TA 250 Basic Movement and Vocal Development for the Theater 3 hours
Basic movement and voice training for the actor. Theory and practical application through body and vocal exercise
TA 251 Elements of Acting 3 hours
Concentration in the process of creating stage character. This course will deal with theory as well as practical performance exercises. Prerequisite: TA 250 or consent of instructor.
TA 252 Technical Theater: Makeup 3 hours
Basic principles and processes of theatrical makeup, including demonstrations and daily practice in application.
TA 253 Production Workshop 1-3 hours6 hours maximum
Application of principles of acting and dramatic production. Credit available for students working on scheduled theater productions. Limit of 1 hour credit per term, except with consent of instructor. By consent of instructor only.

Upper-Division Courses

TA 301, 302, 303 History of the Theater 3 hours each term

A study of dramatic literature, performance and criticism in the historical perspective. 301: beginnings to 1650; 302: 1650-1850; 303: 1850 to present.
TA 308 History of Fashion 3 hours
A course in the development of fashion in the clothing of men and women from earliest times to the present with an emphasis on the clothing of the western world and its relationship to the social environment of each era.
TA 330 Script Writing 3 hours
The course will concentrate on the basic skills of writing scripts for the theatre: plotting, character development, form and structure; but it will develop the form and skills necessary for writing for other media as well. Opportunity will be given to perform and critique what is written in class as part of the ongoing process of script writing.
TA 347 Theater Graphics and Beginning Scene Design 3 hours
Basic principles of theatre graphics and beginning scene design. Prerequisites: TA 244 or consent of instructor.
TA350 Advanced Creative Dramatics: Puppetry 3 hours
A study of special dramatic techniques and literature for a practical approach to producing puppet plays with children in grades 3-8.
TA353 Advanced Production Workshop 1-3 hours
To provide students with upper division credit for participating in acting and technical work for the theater program. By consent of instructor only.
TA 356 Theory of Acting 3 hours
Principles and techniques of acting; problems in analysis and interpretation of dramatic literature of various historical periods. An exploration of the various historical styles and theories of acting and how they were affected by the manners of the time. Prerequisite: TA 250 and 251 or consent of instructor.
TA 364 Play Direction 3 hours
Introduction to dramatic theories and techniques and their application to play direction. Sources of dramatic materials, choice of plays, casting and rehearsal. Prerequisites: TA 251 and consent of instructor.
TA 375 Asian Theatre 3 hours
A survey of the history and literature of Asiatic Theatre with particular attention to India, Southeast Asia, China, Korea, and Japan.
TA 390 Performance Studies in Acting 3 hours
Individual study of a character in the context of performing a character in a play before an audience. Prerequisites: TA 250, TA 251, TA 356.
TA 399 Special Studies 1-3 hoursTA 406 Special Individual Studies 1-15 hours
Terms and hours to be arranged.  Designed for advanced individual study in some aspects of the theater arts. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
TA 407 Seminar 1-15 hours
Terms and hours to be arranged. Advanced study in seminar format of the theatrical literature and history, or production techniques of a specific nation, culture, or the work of a particular theatrical artist of contemporary or historical significance. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
TA 408 Workshop 1-15 hours
Terms and hours to be arranged.
TA 409 Practicum 1-15 hours
Terms and hours to be arranged.
TA 414 Children's Theater 3 hours
The study of aesthetic and technical problems in producing theater for youth, including the history, philosophy and psychology and literature of children's theater.
TA 421 American Theater 3 hours
A historical study of the major developments in the American theater from the Revolutionary War to the present.
TA 427 Contemporary Theater 3 hours
A study of a selected number of the most recent available scripts and the most recent production developments in the contemporary theater.
TA 434/534, 436/536 Advanced Theater Technology and Design 3 hours each term
Advanced work in the area of scene and lighting design (434/534): Prerequisite TA 244, 245, 347 or consent of instructor. Advanced work in the area of costuming (436/536): TA 246 or consent of instructor.
TA 440 Theater Management 3 hours
A study of the problems and procedures involved in running the business affairs of a theater: The box office, house, publicity, ticket sales, supporting funds, budgeting.
TA 444/544 Theory and Criticism of Theater Arts 3 hours
Comparative study of the major theories which have influenced theatrical practice in western civilizations from ancient times to the present.
TA 457/557 Production Styles 3 hours
The study of the practical processes of directing by which plays are produced in the theater. Students will study the problems of directing by practical application of various theories in rehearsal and production of scenes from a variety of types of plays and styles of performance. Prerequisite: at least one course in acting and directing or consent of instructor.


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