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Dr. Tom Bergeron Dr. Tom Bergeron Professor of Music, Theory, Saxophone, & Brazilian Music
DMA - University of Oregon (Saxophone Performance, 1989)

In a career that spans 5 decades, Tom Bergeron has performed throughout the United States, and in Europe, Costa Rica, and Brazil.

He has appeared with internationally-renowned artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Hal Blaine, Anthony Braxton, Rosemary Clooney, Natalie Cole, Robert Cray, Mason Williams, Myron Florin, Vinnie Golia, Dick Hyman, Oliver Lake, Glen Moore, Bernadette Peters, Bobby Shew, The Fifth Dimension, The Temptations, Sunny Turner, Lynn Anderson, Guy Lombardo's Royal Canadians, and Marin Alsop's String Fever.

He has premiered dozens of new concert works for the saxophone, and is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on multiphonics, the esoteric technique of producing several notes at once on the saxophone.

Tom began his musical journey as a multi-instrumentalist in his native New England, studying piano and music theory with Roland Belisle, who learned stride piano from Fats Waller. In the late 1960s, Tom met the legendary concert saxophonist and teacher Donald Sinta, with whom he studied while in high school and graduate school. Upon moving to Oregon in 1981, Tom studied with J. Robert Moore, who was among the last generation of students of Marcel Mule, the French Godfather of the saxophone.

As a composer, Tom draws inspiration from the jazz heritage and Western European concert music, as well as from music traditions from around the world. In the 1980s, he studied African marimba with the late Zimbabwean master-percussionist Dumisani Maraire. Since 2000 he has been deeply involved in playing and teaching Brazilian music, returning regularly to Brazil to study choro, samba and bossa nova.

Bergeron performs and records with Whirled News, Cathexis Orchestra, Western Rebellion, Labirynt, and the Hagberg/Bergeron Quartet. Over the years, he has played saxophone with the Portland Chamber Orchestra, Portland Center Stage, Third Angle New Music Ensemble, Pittsburg New Music Ensemble, Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, Oregon Bach Festival, Oregon Festival of American Music, Oregon Coast Music Festival, Cascade Festival of Music, Kansas City Symphony, Sacramento Symphony, Eugene Symphony, Newport Symphony, and Grande Ronde Symphony. His first orchestral experience was as second bassoonist with the NH Philharmonic in 1968.

When he's not making music or teaching music theory at Western Oregon University, Tom often can be found hiking and swimming in the Oregon Cascades or walking the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Tom's performance and composition credits are recorded by Teal Creek Music. For all recent and upcoming events, including new releases, please visit the Teal Creek Music website.


Keveli Music


Tom Bergeron's Discography:
  • 2008 Whirled News: Bugbear
    Whirled News Plays the Music of Adam Bates
    Teal Creek Music &ndash TC 2013
  • 2007 Labirynt: Motion Tissue
    Teal Creek Records – TC 2011
  • 2007 Western Hemisphere Orchestra: Henry Darger
    Teal Creek Records – TC 2010
  • 2006 Cathexis Orchestra: Dead Men (Are Heavier than Broken Hearts)
    Teal Creek Records – TC 2009
  • 2006 Labirynt: Exit
    Teal Creek Records – TC 2008
  • 2005 Mason Williams & Zoe McCulloch: Electrical Gas
    Skookum Records &ndash SK-1008
  • 2005 Christopher Woitach: Family
    Teal Creek Records – TC 2007
  • 2005 Clovis: Clovis
    Teal Creek Records &ndash TC 2006
  • 2004 Hagberg/Bergeron Quartet: Jobim Now
    Teal Creek Records &ndash TC 2005
  • 2004 Western Rebellion: Western Rebellion
    Teal Creek Records &ndash TC 2004
  • 2004 Gordon Lee: Flying Dream
    Origin Arts 2 Records &ndash 22016
  • 2004 The Tone Sharks: Morsels
    Louie Records &ndash Louie 032
  • 2004 The Tone Sharks: Intention
    Louie Records &ndash Louie 029
  • 2001 Whirled Jazz: Mukilteo
    Louie Records &ndash Louie 020
  • 2001 Dave Leslie: The Brim
    Louie Records &ndash Louie 024
  • 2000 The Tone Sharks: Chunks of Zen
    Louie Records &ndash Louie 024
  • 2000 America's Millennium Tribute to Adolphe Sax: Volume III
    Arizona University Recordings &ndash AUR CD 3098
  • 2000 Richard Raven Williams: The Wanderer
    rraven records &ndash rraven 0900
  • 1999 The Tone Sharks: Cave Sleepers
    Louie Records &ndash Louie 013
  • 1999 Valerie Brown: Uneasy Sleep
    Louie Records &ndash Louie 011
  • 1998 Don Latarski & Rue de Blues: Rue Two
    Crescent Records &ndash CR 2224
  • 1998 The Tone Sharks: ww.shark
    Louie Records &ndash Louie 009
  • 1998 Labirynt: Labirynt
    Teal Creek Records &ndash TC2002
  • 1998 Dave Storrs and the Tone Sharks: Ten Stories
    Louie Records &ndash Louie 010
  • 1997 Tom Bergeron & Whirled Jazz: Leopard's Tale
    Teal Creek Records &ndash TC2001
  • 1996 Tom Bergeron: Saxophone Alone
    Mark Records &ndash MCD 2204
  • 1991 Anthony Braxton & the Northwest Creative Orchestra: Eugene (1989)
    Black Saint &ndash 120 137-2
  • 1982 Laura Clayton: Simichai-Ya!
    Helicon Nine
  • 1980 Betty Johnson & Yvonne Cheek Johnson: Moving Makes Me Magic
    Nonesuch/Folkways Records &ndash FC 7518
  • 1978 The First Few: Could It Be?
    Panting Hyena Productions
Press Quotes:
  • "Tom Bergeron stunned the audience...with some brilliant alto saxophone improvisation."
              -Sue Pilla, Eclipse Jazz Newsletter (Ann Arbor, MI)

  • "Tom Bergeron brought the house down with a stunning performance."
              -W. Thomas Marrocco, Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)

  • "Tom Bergeron's sax is so sweet your blood sugar soars."
    "Outrageously good."
    "Whatever Bergeron was wasn't enough."
              -Karen Kammerer, Register-Guard

  • "Bergeron is a virtuosic saxophonist....He is a master of classical, improvisatory, avant garde, and jazz performance."
              -Jason DuMars, International Saxophone Home Page

  • "The climax of the evening [was] Bergeron's rapturous and brilliant work."
    "Tom Bergeron stole the show with his frisky Eric Dolphy-like romps."
              -Mike Heffley, What's Happening (Eugene, OR)

  • "Bergeron, like Osby, produces clear, precise lines."
              -Mark Corroto,

  • "Bergeron's compositions move like a well-plotted story."
              -Lynn Darroch, The Oregonian

  • "Ferociously talented, pyrotechnically gifted."
              -Scott Williams, Sentinel and Enterprise (Fitchburg, MA)

  • "Bergeron's rounded tone is so smooth, his dynamic control so exquisite that the sound envelops you like a cool flannel sheet."
    "Bergeron's music is an Oregon microbrew of rich flavors and rare quality."
    "So good he's scary."
              -Brett Campbell, Eugene Weekly

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