About Enspired!


  • a student-centered program championing self-motivation and inspiration at Western Oregon University. The program:
  • encourages students to explore what it means to be an entrepreneur.
  • awakens desires for self-employment. 
  • exposes students to the skills needed to begin and manage their own business.


a partnership between faculty and students at Western Oregon University and Oregon entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs share their experience and insights with students by 

  • speaking during classes and forums
  • mentoring student entrepreneurs 
  • sponsoring student internships 
  • hosting a business project for student teams to tackle 
  • supporting scholarships and awards for entrepreneurship students 


reaches WOU students across campus, in a wide variety of majors. Students enroll in a Minor in Entrepreneurship and take courses such as: 

  • Accounting & Finance for Entrepreneurs
  • Planning & Creating New Ventures
  • Small Business Management 
  • Entrepreneurship in Action Creativity and Entrepreneurs 
  • Innovation and Strategy

These courses include many opportunities to interact with Oregon entrepreneurs, work on projects for local businesses, and develop a business plan for the student entrepreneur's business idea. 


meets the needs of today's young entrepreneurs, bridging the gap between their desire to own a business and their knowledge of how to do so. Recent studies have shown: 

  • as much as 30% of all new business owners have yet to celebrate their 30th birthday;  
  • 58% of respondents aged 21-30 want to start their own business, and 6% already have; 
  • almost 70% rate their knowledge and understanding of starting and managing a business as fair or poor. 

(See The E Generation by Marilyn Kourilsky and William Walstad)


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