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Welcome to the NEW Behavioral Sciences Division!

WOU-Talmadge Middle School Mentoring Program

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Students in mentoring


Welcome Talmadge Students!


We set up this website to give Talmadge students information about the WOU mentoring program. In the WOU-Talmadge mentoring program Western Oregon University students work as mentors one-on-one with Talmadge students from January through June.



What is a mentor?

Mentors are positive role models and good listeners. Your mentor can help you work with your teachers, set and achieve goals, and enjoy school.



Is my mentor just a personal tutor?

No. Your mentors will help you develop problem solving skills that can be applied to all sorts of challenges. Sometimes you will work together on homework or school projects, but other times you will focus on other things, such as getting along with others.



Is it all just work?

No. Mentors and mentees (Talmadge students) need to spend fun time together as well. What you and your mentee do for fun is up to you. For a list of some fun things mentors and mentees have done in the past click here.



How often will I meet with my mentor?

Mentors are required to meet with you 4 hours a week. Most of that time will be afterschool between 3:00-4:30. Some mentors meet with mentees during 4th period/study hall once a week.



How much did other Talmadge students like mentoring?

To see what kids in 2007 said about mentoring click here.



Want better grades? Fewer detentions?

Click here to see some of the things that Talmadge students and WOU mentors worked on together in 2007.



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