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Welcome to the NEW Behavioral Sciences Division!

WOU-Talmadge Middle School Mentoring Program

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Program Overview


Since 1999 Western Oregon University has partnered with Talmadge Middle School to foster positive mentoring relationships. January through June, Western Oregon undergraduates mentor Talmadge students. The mentoring relationship focuses on developing skills for academic success, emotional and social growth, and provides a forum for developing problem solving approaches to student concerns and issues. Mentors are positive role models, good listeners, advocates and guides for Talmadge students.


Individuals interested in learning more about the WOU-Talmadge mentoring program are encouraged to explore the following links or contact WOU faculty sponsor Chehalis Strapp:


Chehalis Strapp, Ph.D.
503 838-8316
Psychology Division
Todd 309
Western Oregon University


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