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Gerontology Department

Behavioral Sciences Division

FAQs about the Minor


Are there any prerequisites for courses in the Geropsychology Minor?
Yes, there are prerequisite course for all of the Psychology courses. Students are advised to take Psy 201 and Psy 202, one of which can count for the “additional social science course” needed for Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC).

Prerequisites for Psychology Courses in Geropsychology Minor

  • Psy 320 – Psy 201 or consent of instructor
  • Psy 446 – Psy 201, Psy 202
  • Psy 451 – Psy 201, Psy 202
  • Psy 460 – Psy 360 or Psy 451
  • Psy 483 – Psy 201, Psy 202, Psy 311
  • Psy 484 – Psy 201, Psy 202, Psy 311


Can I major in Psychology and minor in Geropsychology?
Yes, you can major in Psychology and minor in Geropsychology.


I am a Psychology Major and a Geropsychology Minor. Can I use the same course, such as Psy 483 (Adulthood and Aging) for both my major and minor?
No, students can’t “double dip” or use the same course for your major and minor




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