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Dr. Maxine Warnath

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Courses Taught


Professor Emerita of Psychology
Western Oregon University
Monmouth, Oregon 97361

Academic Preparation

B.A. Brooklyn College (now part of CUNY, The City Universtiy of New York) 1949
    Major: Psychology,  Minor: Sociology

M.A. Columbia University, New York 1951  Personnel Psychology

Ed.D. Columbia University, New York, 1982

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  • Professional Experience

     Western Oregon University 1962-1996
          (Oregon College of Education, Western Oregon State College)

    Previous professional appointments
        University of Oregon
        University of Nebraska
        University of Minnesota, Duluth (UMD)
        Hunter College, Bronx Campus (now Lehman College, CUNY)
        Columbia University

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  • Professional Activities

        American Psychological Association
        Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
        American Psychological Society
        New York Academy of Science
        Oregon Psychological Association, President 1981-82
        Western Psychological Association
        Interinstitutional Faculty Senate (IFS)

    Licensed Psychologist: State of Oregon (License #36)

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  • Honors and Awards

        Who’s Who in America
            Of American Women
            In the West
            In Science and Technology

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  • Personal/Professional Statement

    There are certain markers in life when we assess the past and look to the future..  Entering college for the first time, graduating college, choosing and beginning our career are usual times for such thoughts.  The designation of Professor Emerita is another.  The usual curriculum vita information is not particularly relevant at this time.  I prefer to make a personal statement to sum up the academic experience

    Looking back at my years of active service (1962-1996) at OCE, WOSC, and now WOU, certain themes emerge above all else:
        The excitement of the learning experience
        The passion for the academic/scientific discipline of psychology, and
        The belief in the importance of joint governance between faculty and administration.

    The learning experience is the basis for the existence of the college/university.  It consists of far more than the hours spent in the classroom.  It is almost indescribable—iit is the light that shines when understanding occurs. The learning experience was central to everything else I did.

    Passion for the academic/scientific discipline of psychology began with my first psychology class as a student in 1946.  It has never waned.  There is always something new to learn and discover.  It was a privilege to be given the responsibility of guiding the development of WOU’s psychology program from a support offering of 6 courses in 1962 to a B.A./B.S. in Psychology in 1974.  The degree in Psychology was the first single discipline degree approved by the Oregon University System (OUS) for this campus, and it provided a model for the rest of the degrees which comprise the Liberal Arts College.

    Joint governance of administration and faculty is essential for the maximum effectiveness of the learning experience.  In support of that goal, the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate was developed out of several years of work with the Oregon State System of Higher Education (OSSHE, now OUS).

    Current Research Interests

    1. Psychology Division archives:  Preparation of materials from the development of the Psychology Division for the year 1962-1996.
    2. Influence of mentors on the later careers of psychology graduates.

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  • Scope of Instructional Experience

    Psychology Courses Taught:

        General Psychology
        Sophomore Block
        Developmental Psychology (Child and Adolescent)
        Social Psychology
        Theories of Personality
        Abnormal Psychology
        Interviewing and Appraisal
        Group Processes
        Theories of Small Groups
        Organizational Psychology
        Strategic Human Resources Planning
        Organizational Structure and Functions
        Psychological Assessment
        History of Psychology

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