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Behavioral Sciences Division

Dr. Stephanie Hoover Professor of Psychology

Stephanie Hoover, Ph.D.

Office: Todd 331
Phone: (503) 838-8512
Fax: (503)838-8618
E-mail address:






Ph.D.   Counseling Psychology (APA-accredited), University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Dissertation: Mental health counselor trainees’ social justice identity development due to social justice-oriented practicum training: Possibilities for change in self and the world.


M.S.     Educational Psychology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Thesis: Women’s experience of participating in an interview-based study on sexual assault disclosures.


B.A.      Spanish & Sociology/Anthropology, Denison University, Granville, OH

Thesis: I want you to know: The disclosure of unwanted sexual experiences.



Professional Experience


Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences, Western Oregon University, 2013-present


Instructor, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Utah, 2008-2012


Doctoral Intern, APA-accredited Internship: Counseling and Psychological Services, Univ. of Central FL, Orlando, FL, 2012-2013


Practicum Counselor, 2009-2012

                              Forensic Unit, Valley Mental Health, Salt Lake City, Utah

                              Women’s Resource Center, University of Utah

                              University Counseling Center, University of Utah

                              Validating Intervention for Diverse Adolescents, University of Utah


Practicum Supervisor, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Utah, 2010-2011



Research Interests


I am interested in multicultural psychology, which covers a diversity of topics, including counseling underserved populations, socio-cultural identity development, and social justice identity development.  I enjoy qualitative methods, mixed-methods, and interdisciplinary research. I tend to utilize participatory methods with participants, engaging in focus groups and interviews.  My research team is currently working on a qualitative study about treatment adherence for culturally adapted substance abuse treatment for Latino adolescents, in collaboration with Dr. Jason Burrow-Sanchez at the University of Utah.



Referred Journal Articles


Hoover, S. M., Bratton, S. L., Roach, E., & Olson, L. M. (2014). Parental experiences and recommendations in donation after circulatory determination of death. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 15, 105-111. doi: 10.1097/PCC.0000000000000035



Manuscripts under Review


Hoover, S. M., & Morrow, S. L. (Under review). Feminist multicultural practicum trainees’ social justice-oriented development.


Cavallini, A. Q., Hoover, S. M., & Spangler, D. L. (Under review). Mindful cognitive behavioral interventions for eating disorders: A mixed method study on therapeutic impact.


Hoover, S. M., & Morrow, S. L. (Under review). Women sexual trauma victims’ perspectives on qualitative research participation.



Presentations at Peer-reviewed Conferences


Hoover, S. M., Cavallini, A. Q., *Bostwick, J., & Spangler, D. L. (2014, May). Eulogy exercise: A mindful cognitive behavioral intervention for eating disorder treatment. Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science, San Francisco, California.


Hoover, S. M., & *Johnson, A. (2014, April). Pediatric death, organ donation decision making, and parental grief. Paper presented at the Annual Convention of the Western Psychological Association, Portland, Oregon. Served as session chair.


Strapp, C., Hoover, S. M., Roscoe, L., & *Nascimiento, E. (2014, April). Sharing stories: Connecting psychology undergraduates and alumni to facilitate career development. Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the Western Psychological Association, Portland, Oregon.


Cavallini, A., Hoover, S. M., & Spangler, D. L. (2013, August). Letters to the body as a clinical intervention: A mixed-methods study. Poster presented at the 121th Annual American Psychological Association, Honolulu, Hawaii.


Hoover, S. M. (2013, February). Mental health counselor trainees’ engagement and empowerment through focus group research. Paper presented at the 5th Annual University of Central Florida Counseling Conference, Orlando, Florida.


Hoover, S. M. (2012, August). Trainees’ social justice development at a feminist multicultural training site. Paper presented at the 120th Annual American Psychological Association, Orlando, Florida.


Burrow-Sánchez, J. J., Wrona, M., Varela, A., Hoover, S. M., & Ortiz, C. (2012, August). Culturally accommodated CBT for Latino adolescents with substance use disorders. Poster presented at the 120th Annual American Psychological Association, Orlando, Florida.


Wrona, M., Hoover, S. M., Varela, A., Frausto, K., & Burrow-Sánchez, J. (2011, August). A clinical tool for assessing the therapeutic environment for adolescents in group treatment: The Adolescent Group Environment Scale. Poster presented at the 119th Annual American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.


Hoover, S. M., Hagen, W., Arczynski, A., Lee, A., & Netto, J. (2011, March). From our perspectives: Experiences of feminist multicultural therapists in training. Structured discussion presented at the 36th Annual Association of Women in Psychology Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Hoover, S. M., & Morrow, S. L. (2010, March). Interviewees’ experience of participating in a research study on a sensitive topic. Paper presented at the 35th Annual Association of Women in Psychology Conference, Portland, Oregon.



Student Presentations


*Bostwick, J., *Johnson, A., & *Ahrensbach, M. (2014, May). Social justice identity of mental health counselors. Poster presented at the Academic Excellence Showcase, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, Oregon.


*Waggoner, J., Slagle, C. P., & Hoover, S. M. (2014, February). Ecopsychology in counseling psychology doctoral programs. Paper presented at the Annual Oregon Academy of Science Meeting, Eugene, Oregon.



Invited Presentations


Bratton, S. L., & Hoover, S. M. (2013, April). Pediatric organ donation: Changes, goals, and what we are learning. Lecture presented at Grand Rounds, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.


Hoover, S. M. (2013, January). Social justice training and trainees’ social justice identity development. Lecture presented at Professional Development Series for Continuing Education Credits, Counseling and Psychological Services, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida.




Newsletter Publications


Hoover, S. M. (2013). Social justice-oriented training at the Women’s Resource Center: Implications for supervisors and training programs. Utah Association for Women in Psychology Newsletter 7, 10.


Hoover, S. M. (2012). Student’s corner: Enhancing psychological research on trauma through interdisciplinary collaboration. Division 56 Trauma Psychology, American Psychological Association Newsletter 7(3), 18-20.


Arczynski, A. V., Bartley, K. K., Hagen, W. B., Hoover, S.M.,, & Netto, J. (2011). From our perspectives: Experiences of the Women’s Resource Center at the AWP national conference. Association for Women in Psychology Newsletter, 13-15.



Awards & Honors


Steffensen Cannon Scholarship, University of Utah, 2011-2012


American Psychological Association, Division 17-Counseling Psychology, Section for Advancement of Women Graduate Student Research Award, 2012


Graduate Travel Award, University of Utah, 2010-2012


Womenade Edie Kochenour Scholarship, University of Utah, 2010


Phi Beta Kappa Society member, induction 2008


First Place Nan Nowak Award, Women’s Studies, Denison University, 2008





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