Example KSA Statements for the Job of Medical Technologist


Following is a partial list of the KSAs used in the job of medical technologist to give you an idea of how KSAs are written.  Note that each KSA statement starts with the word "Knowledge," "Skill," or "Ability." To the left of each of your KSA statements you can include your subject's rating (1 = rarely used, 2 = sometimes used, 3 = often used, 4 very frequently used) of how often the KSA is used on the job. Be sure to provide the rating scale in your report to tell the reader what the ratings are referring to.


_________ 1.      Knowledge of immunohematology, transfusion therapy, and phlebotomy.


_________ 2.      Ability to conduct blood supply inventory and make judgments of present and predicted blood supply demands.


_________ 3.      Ability to evaluate donor acceptability through an assessment of current health status and an interview concerning disease history.


_________ 4.      Skill in blood collection process, including arm preparation, phlebotomy, and preparation of collection bags.


_________ 5.      Ability to recognize and react to possible complications (fainting, loss of consciousness) following blood donation.


_________ 6.      Skill to use standard laboratory instruments (microscope, centrifuge, platelet machine, and cell washer).


_________ 7.      Ability to detect malfunctions and perform minor maintenance on laboratory instruments.


_________ 8.      Knowledge of laboratory testing procedures.


_________ 9.      Ability to accurately complete routine, detailed paperwork.


_________ 10.    Ability to work efficiently and quickly under pressure.


_________ 11.    Knowledge of government regulations and guidelines concerning blood banks.