Noah Nieves – Driver

Noah Nieves Driver Major: ASL Interpreting  TEFL: Certificate Completed

Hi everyone, my name is Noah Nieves Driver. Languages are my passion, which is why I am majoring in ASL interpreting and double minoring in Spanish and Linguistics. I was a tutor for two years at Pierce College in Washington State where I tutored Spanish and ASL (American Sign Language). I received my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate last year and taught in China for two weeks in 2018 where I picked up some Mandarin (feel free to test me on it). Last year, I presented on second language anxiety at Academic Excellence, so if you are feeling scared or embarrassed by speaking, come talk to me and we can work on ways to improve your confidence in using English. As a tutor, I am here to help you and that can range from helping with a understanding the reading in a class, helping understand instructions in a manual, or just by chatting about whatever. I look forward to seeing you at appointments and around campus!

A.J. Holmberg

AJ HolmbergMajor: English  TEFL: Certificate Completed

My name is A.J. Holmberg. I have been helping at the English Tutoring Center for over a year. I am majoring in Linguistics with a special focus in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I spent part of this past summer in Yibin, China where I taught at a 3 week English immersion camp. I currently teach English online to Beijing in the evening and I really enjoy helping all kinds of students with the struggles that can come with a learning a second language. I love learning about new cultures and am always looking to learn new things, which is one of the best things about working in the English Tutoring Center.


Maria Cabrales

Maria CabralesMajor: Writing TEFL: Certificate Completed

Hi, my name is Maria Cabrales and I am a senior here at WOU. I am majoring in Writing with a minor in Linguisitcs and I received my TEFL last year. This is my first year working at the English Tutoring Center. I am Mexican American and have seen first hand the difficulties of learning a new language. Though my TEFL courses I’ve been able to broaden my understanding and learn new ways in which I can help develop skills for you to use as you continue to learn English. I am here to help with speaking, listening, and understanding or other areas you may need a hand with. I am really looking forward to getting to know you and helping you in your language journey.


Dominick Marshall

Dominick MarshallMajor: Education TEFL: Starting TEFL Certificate

Hey, I’m Dominick and I’m a fourth year student at Western Oregon. I am majoring in education with a focus in math but I am also working towards my TEFL certificate. I am working to get my TEFL because I want to go abroad and work in other countries when I graduate from WOU. I love teaching and learning about other cultures so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I am excited to get to work with you this year and help you further your educational goals.



Hannah Hardcastle

Hannah HardcastleMajor: ASL Interpreting TEFL: Starting TEFL Certificate

Hi there, I’m Hannah Hardcastle. I was born in California but have lived in several states since high school, like Montana, Minnesota, and North Dakota. I am majoring in American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting, and am double minoring in ASL Studies and Linguistics with a focus in TEFL certification. I might teach abroad someday but I hope to teach English as a foreign language in the United States and tutor adult Deaf and Hard of Hearing folks in English. I’m excited to help you develop you skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening, I’m also always in the mood to chat! I love to learn about other people’s lives and cultures and can’t wait to meet you!