Getting Around the Monmouth Area, Salem, and Portland


*This page provides information about different transportation options in Monmouth and surrounding areas. On a daily basis, it will be the scholars’ individual responsibility to arrange transportation to and from their residence to campus.

*The Office of International Education and Development (OIED) will provide airport drop-off and pick-up for the scholars and their J-2 dependents. However, OIED cannot provide this same service for family members, should they come to visit on a B tourist visa.

CARTS Service: (503-585-5187)
Local transportation within Monmouth, Independence, Dallas, and Salem. Only $1.25 one way.

Cherriots: (503-588-2877)
The Salem-Keizer public transit system. All CARTS buses go to the Salem Transit Mall where Cherriots buses can be met.

Canby Area Transit (CAT): (503-266-4022)
Connects with the Woodburn/Salem CARTS route at the North Park Plaza in Woodburn and can connect with Tri-Met.

Tri-Met: (503-238-7433)
A combination of busses, MAX light rail, WES commuter rail, and Portland streetcar can take you wherever you want to go in Portland.

HUT Shuttle: (541-926-2525)
An easy way to get to the airport from Salem for $35 one way or try searching for other rides from PDX Airport by using

Greyhound: (503-362-2428)
Intercity bus service, which will take you all over North America. Salem station is located on 450 Church Street NE and costs about $13 to get to Portland one way.

Amtrak: (503-588-1551)
Located on 500 13th Street SE in Salem, this train system can take you comfortably around America.

Taxi Service in Monmouth and Salem:
Radio Cab: (503-227-1212) Serving the Monmouth Area
Yellow Cab: (503-457-4995) Serving the Monmouth Area
Salem Keizer Yellow Cab: (503-362-2411) Serving the Salem area



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