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Please read the information below the tables for a detailed explanation of tuition and fees at Western Oregon University.


Tuition & Fees(Undergraduate) $19,098 12 credit hours per term = 6,366 terms per year.
Tuition & Fees(Graduate) $18,180 9 credit hours per term = 6,060 terms per year.

 2015-2016 Year Estimated Living Costs

Books and Supplies $1,350 The living cost at WOU is estimated at about $15,192 per student per year. This is because the cost of books, transportation, and personal varies greatly by individual.
Room and Board $9,315
Transportation and Personal $2,982
Dependents (Spouse or Children) $2,000/year for spouse + $1,760 for health insurance$2000/year per child + $1,760/year per child for health insurance Contact the ISSA office if you are interested in bringing a dependent on an F-2 or J-2 visa.

 New Applicant Fees

Application Fee $60(application) $40 (Express shipping overseas) One time fee, all applicants.($60 application fee and optional $40 International Express mailing fee)
Matriculation Fee $300 One time fee, all new and transfer undergraduate and graduate students.
Portland Airport (PDX) Pick-up Fee (optional) $70 Each trip per person. (Fee is billed to WOU account)
Salem Pick-up Fee (optional) $30 Each trip per person. (Fee is billed to WOU account)
Temporary Housing Fee (optional) Depends on placement New students should be prepared to pay for temporary housing in cash or a credits card before moving into the residence halls or finding an apartment.

 Recurring Fees

Revolving Service Plan Charge Fee $12 If all tuition and fees are not paid by the first Friday (5PM) of each term, this fee must be paid.
Health Center Fee $127 Each term, all students.
Mandatory International Health Insurance $1,760 Annual 09/01/2016-08/31/2017, all international students.
Other Fees Varies Additional fees may include but are not limited to add/drop fees, classroom fees, parking fees, pharmaceutical medicine or immunizations, library fines, or interest if a bill is not paid on time.

* All tuition and fees are subject to change annually without notice.

 Explanation of Tuition and Fees

Western Oregon University charges a one-time matriculation fee of $300 which is assessed on all new and transfer undergraduate and graduate students. If tuition and fees not are paid by the first Friday of a given term, students must pay the $12 Revolving Service Plan Charge.

All international students are required to carry the health insurance policy that is set up by the University. The insurance premium costs $1,760 annually (Sept.1st – Aug.31st) including summer. All students must also pay $125 for the Health Center Fee which covers the costs of having access to the campus health center. (PLEASE NOTE: Students returning for fall term the following year will have to pay for summer health insurance whether they register for summer classes or not. Students pay insurance fees for both spring and summer terms at the same time during the beginning of spring term.)

Additional fees may include but are not limited to: classroom fees (if required by the particular classes), class add/drop fees, Health and Wellness Center fees, as well as interest fees for bills that are past due.

All fees associated with Western Oregon University are subject to change without prior notice, and will be assessed by the University and not through any agencies.

How to Wire Transfer Funds to WOU

Oregon University System Wire transfer information


Beneficiary Name: Oregon State Treasury
Bank Name and Address: US Bank 302 State Street Salem, OR 97301, USA
Bank Account Number: 153695031051
Purpose or Description: WOU/Student Name/Student ID Number (V#)*
WOU Contact: Katie Rupp-Cashier’s Office 503-838-8291

* Please indicate the student’s V# (admission number on the admission letter) when wire transferring the funds to WOU.

* Please note that the funds that are wire transferred into a student’s WOU account can only be used towards the student’s tuition, not personal expenses.

Please note!

We do not encourage, expect or require students to obtain services from private recruitment agencies. Please know that WOU receives no profit or financial gain from any agencies or organizations.

Students from the People’s Republic of China, please be aware that Chinese law prescribes limits on what private agencies can legally charge an applicant.



International Office

(503) 838-8425 | or e-mail: global@wou.edu  | Location: Maaske Hall 106