An IDS degree is a good choice if:

  • you have interests that lead you to ask questions across traditional disciplinary boundaries,
  • the career path you envision for yourself does not fit into just one area of study,
  • you like the challenge of pulling things together from different areas, 
  • you have taken previous coursework across a variety of fields


to Interdisciplinary Studies

Think big,

Go broad,

Build your own road


Think outside the box. Build your own program

  • If you enjoy science and writing, a combination of natural sciences and humanities course work would be good preparation for environmental journalism or technical writing.
  • If gender studies is of interest, you can combine course work in social science, humanities, community health and behavioral sciences to better understand this interdisciplinary field of study.
  • Students committed to social advocacy and change could benefit from course work in sociology, communication studies, political science and even marketing.
  • Students fascinated by culture might combine course work in anthropology, geography, art history and English literature.


Develop your own DEGREE and Achieve your GOALS

With the help of an academic advisor, you may develop your own degree plan with flexibility to match specific areas of interest, career goals and.or future graduate studies

Step 1: Please contact Susan Griffin    Phone: 503-838-8226 I Email:

Step 2: Complete a Change of Major form and submit to Susan Griffin when you meet for advising session.

Step 3: You will be assigned a faculty advisor


Interdisciplinary Studies Advising faculty:

Dr. Bob Hautula

Dr. Ryan Hickerson

Dr. Shaun Huston

Dr. Sriram Khe'

Dr. Marjory Lange

Dr. Elisa Maroney

Dr. Sue Monahan

Dr. Jeff Myers





Inderdisciplinary Studies

Susan Griffin

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