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Pay Schedules

The University pays all employees once per month, on the last business day of the month. Because of this, to keep up with the demand and to pay all employees on time, the University utilizes several different pay period schedules depending on position status.

Misconceptions About Pay

The most common misunderstanding about payroll is that every employee’s paycheck is going to reflect the hours worked from the 1st of the month to the end of the month. Although some positions are paid in this fashion, Western also utilizes a mid-month to mid-month schedule with pay at the end of the following month. Further description of this type of schedule is given below.

Different Pay Schedules

The University utilizes three different types of pay period schedules. They are as follows:

Student Employees

Student employees pay period reflects the hours worked from the 11th of the month to the 10th of the following month. The student employee is paid at the end of the month for hours worked between those dates. For example, if a student works 65 hours between May 11th and June 10th, their pay on June 30th should reflect those 65 hours worked.

Blank student employee timesheets can be found under our Forms page under Current Employee Resources, Payroll Forms.

2018-19 Student Employee Stipend Schedule
EAS “C” “E” “R” “T” Time “T” Time “T” Time “T” Time “T” Time
Level Cost of Education Value Factor Responsibility Level “P” Pay “P” Pay “P” Pay “P” Pay “P” Pay
0.05 0.25 0.50 0.75 1.00
# 1A $24,315 0.5 1.00 $51 $254 $507 $760 $1,014
# 1B $24,315 0.5 0.75 $38 $190 $380 $570 $760
# 1C $24,315 0.5 0.50 $26 $127 $254 $380 $507
# 2A $24,315 0.625 1.00 $64 $317 $634 $950 $1,267
# 2B $24,315 0.625 0.75 $48 $238 $475 $713 $950
# 2C $24,315 0.625 0.50 $32 $159 $317 $475 $634
# 3A $24,315 0.75 1.00 $76 $380 $760 $1,140 $1,520
# 3B $24,315 0.75 0.75 $57 $285 $570 $855 $1,140
# 3C $24,315 0.75 0.50 $38 $190 $380 $570 $760
# 4A $24,315 0.875 0.75 $67 $333 $665 $998 $1,330
# 4B $24,315 0.875 0.50 $45 $222 $444 $665 $887
# 4C $24,315 0.875 0.25 $23 $111 $222 $333 $444


Temporary and Hourly Unclassified

Temporary employees and hourly unclassified employees are paid from the 16th of the month to the 15th of the following month. These employees are paid at the end of the following month for the hours worked between those dates. For example, if a temporary or hourly employee works 65 hours between May 16th and June 15th, their pay on June 30th should reflect those 65 hours worked.

Blank temporary and hourly timesheets can be found under our Forms page under Current Employee Resources, Payroll Forms.

Classified and Unclassified Employees

Classified employees and unclassified employees are both paid from the 1st of the month to the end of the month. These timesheets and leave reports are sent out to the employees at the beginning of the month. For example, if 5 hours of leave-without-pay were taken in May, the appropriate amount will be deducted on June’s paycheck.

Classified employees are paid on a “forecasted” pay method, any leave-without-pay taken or any overtime worked should be reflected on the next month’s pay. Forecast pay allows our classified (hourly) employees to be paid on a salaried basis. This is calculated based on the number of working hours in a calendar year.
(1.0 FTE=8 hours per day x 5 days per week = 40 hours in a week; 40 hours x 52 weeks in a year=2080 working hours in a calendar year. 2080/12 months of the year=173.33hours per month).  Reference to this can be found in Article 23 Section (F).



Reasons Why Pay May Differ From Schedule

Final Paycheck

For departing employees that resign without a 48 hour notice, there should be a manual paycheck within five business days of the resignation. For departing employees that do give a 48 hour notice, there should be a manual check by 4:00 p.m. on their last working day. For retiring employees, there should be a manual check on the last day they are receiving pay. For an employee that is terminated, a check should be available by the next business day.

Payroll Advance

Faculty and staff members who request a payroll advance, may be eligible to receive 60% of accrued monthly salary if approved by Human Resources. This form can be found under our Forms page under Current Employee Resources, Payroll Forms. This form must be completed by both the employee and the supervisor and must be submitted to Human Resources no later than Wednesday for a check to be received on Friday of the same week. Due to payroll timelines, employees must submit any requests for payroll advances/withdraws prior to the 17th of the month to avoid any complications. Advance taken will be reflected accordingly on the employee’s monthly paycheck.

New Employee Paperwork

New employees must fill out all appropriate and required paperwork in order to be eligible to work. Employees that work without filling out these forms may not receive pay until they have completed and submitted them to Human Resources. To avoid not receiving a paycheck on time, please fill out all forms prior to start date. All required paperwork is located under our Forms page under New or Prospective Employee Forms

Late Paperwork

Our payroll processing only allows for us to do one automated bank transfer (ACH) per month. Any paperwork turned in after the payroll deadline (10th of the month) may result in a manual paper paycheck. Examples of paperwork that impact payment are but are not limited to: Employment Authorizations, Pay Adjusts, Temporary and Hourly Unclassified Timesheets.



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