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Performance Management Resources


The Office of Human Resources provides training in areas that are of particular relevance to supervisors and managers at Western Oregon University. In order to ensure the information from these sessions is available to all, we are posting the training materials from each session for use and reference.


Performance Management Training: Module #1

Position Descriptions

Position Description Power Point Presentation
Position Description Instructions
Position Description Guide
Position Description Action Words
Identifying Essential Functions
Classified Employee Position Description Form (revised 2009)
Unclassified Employee Position Description Form



Performance Management Training: Module #2

Managing Employee Performance

Performance Management Cycle Power Point Presentation
Managing Employee Performance Handout
Managing Employee Performance – Tools Handout
Unclassified Professional Employee Performance Appraisal Form (Revised March 2010)
Classified Employee Performance Appraisal Form (revised March 2010)



Performance Management Training: Module #3

Managing the 3%

Managing the 3% Power Point Presentation
Managing the 3% Handout
Letter of Expectations Guidelines
Letter of Expectations Sample
Employee Support Plan Guidelines
Employee Support Plan Sample A
Employee Support Plan Sample B



Performance Management Training: Module #4

Progressive Discipline (Classified Employees)

Progressive Discipline Power Point Presentation
Progressive Discipline Handout
Sample Investigation Questions



Performance Management Training: Module #5

Leadworkers: Managing Employee Performance

Leadworker Power Point Presentation
Leadworkers-Managing Employee Performance





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