Hall Government

Your hall government is made up of fellow students willing to devote their time and effort to make your stay here as pleasant and productive as possible.

Members: Gentle Hall Government

HALL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS: Will take place in the Fall. 

Hall Government elections are complete! Gentle is a part of the Quad Residential Area – made up of Barnum, Butler, Gentle and Landers halls. Your elected BBGL Hall government members are posted below.


PRESIDENT:  Jeremy Wools

VICE PRESIDENT:  JP (Jeremiah Price)

SECRETARY: Nicole Gibbie

TREASURER:  Bryce Corden-Yoshida

ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR(S):  Natalie Sassaman and Josiah’David Queja

FYGAR (First Year General Assembly Representative): Hope Gilbert

ADVISOR: Ashley Cooper, Karen Schlieder


Gentle Hall Student Reps

In addition to your elected Hall Government positions, there are several residents who have donated their time and talents to serve as liaisons between your Hall Government, the Residence Hall Association and the general population in Gentle Hall. Those individuals will be listed below upon selection.

Kalise Peton, Getsemani Paredes, Katherine Macia-Torres, Daniell Seuer-Smith, Trent Pickett

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