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First Year Hall Options

You are an in-coming First Year student. What ARE your hall options?

Western Oregon University is committed to a First-Year Live in requirement for our incoming students who are within one year of high school graduation. To accommodate this commitment, we have designated some pretty nice residential living spaces for you to live and learn in as you transition to life on campus.


The information below will give you an over-view of the halls specifically designed for first year living experiences. You will be able to read what students who actually live in those halls have to say about living on campus. Along with “spec sheets” for each of these halls, you will be able to determine which hall best meets your needs. For more detailed information as well as virtual tours of the halls, please see the website for the hall that you are interested in.

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First-Year Students

First-year students who attend Western Oregon University within one year of high school graduation are required to live on campus. As a result, WOU provides up to four residence halls specifically designed for a first year living experience.

Heritage Hall and Landers Hall feature community living options which include double rooms, shared community bathrooms, and public areas for group activities.
In addition, this year, the suite style rooms of Barnum Hall will complement accommodations for both First-Year and upperclass residents in our newest residence hall, Ackerman Hall . Ackerman Hall is a Leed Platinum certified green building opened in the Fall of 2010.
TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR of rooms and apartments within the residential complex.

Use the link below to see what it is like living in the halls at Western Oregon University. 




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