You have been accepted to attend Western Oregon University, and you have applied for housing – NOW What?


We are excited to have you join our community! We want to keep you informed, answer questions that you may have and give you a glimpse into life on campus so that all you feel as you move forward towards Check-In day is as EXCITED as we are!

If we miss something along the way, please feel free to contact University Housing & Campus Dining with your request – we are here to help you!




From the time you apply through Check-In Sunday, there are important dates to be aware of.

You can access that information at:



Well, we have welcomed you to our community. We have told you about calendars, vacations, breaks and our mailing schedule. We showed you a viewbook of housing options that was pretty cool. So, how about a little more detail about each of the halls that we have to offer our on-campus residents? Sound good?



What about EATING on campus? What about my COMPUTER – what do I need to know? Getting familiar with some of the basic policies and procedures while living on campus, and finding out who to call in the event that you need a little assistance. We have some information for you on those topics as well!

I have my hall assignment and I am coming to campus – WHAT SHOULD I BRING?


Now do you have questions? Chances are that if you are unsure of something, someone else is as well! Take a look at our FAQ page(s) and see if you can find tha answers that you seek. If not, please feel free to contact University Housing – we are here to help, and if we can’t answer your question, we will find someone for you who can!



University Housing

(503) 838-8311 | or e-mail: housing@wou.edu  | Location: Ground floor of Ackerman Hall