Every Honors thesis will be professionally bound and digitally published.  In order for them to look the best, please follow these formatting requirements:

  • MARGINS for ENTIRE document (even tables/charts): 1.25″ left and right margins.  1″ margin top and bottom.  
  • TYPEFACE AND SIZE: preferably Calibri 12 or 13pt, Cambria 12 or 13pt, or Garamond 12 or 13pt.  Times New Roman 12pt also (begrudgingly) accepted.
  • TITLES: as long as you need, but some titles may need to be shortened on the cover of your bound thesis.
  • SPACING:  double-spaced for text and bibliography.  Charts, tables, etc. may not be double-spaced.
  • LENGTH: varies, based on project.  The annual average tends to be around 55 pages.  
  • COLOR (for printed copies): due to printing cost, your thesis should not be in color unless absolutely essential.  Use gray-scale for charts and tables.  Please communicate with the Honors Director if you anticipate high color needs.  
  • COLOR (for digital publication):  no restrictions.  Please communicate with the Honors Director if you foresee submitting two final, differently formatted theses to me.  It’s important to know which gets printed, which gets uploaded for digital publication. 
  • TITLE PAGE (Click to download editable template)