Senior Awards

The Julia McCulloch-Smith and Delmer Dewey awards are WOU’s highest honors for graduating seniors.  The first is awarded to the woman who best exemplifies academic accomplishment, campus leadership, and community/institutional service.  The second is awarded to a similarly high-achieving male graduate.  Both recipients deliver formal speeches to students and parents at WOU’s annual commencement ceremony.  Starting in 2019 these awards were reclassified as the top-two WOU grads, regardless of gender.

WOU Honors Students have won 10 out of the last 15 Julia McCulloch-Smith awards and 5 out of the last 7 Delmer Dewey awards.  Congratulations, seniors!


Julia McCulloch-Smith Award recipients in Honors:

  • Sara A. Madden (2018)
  • Aleisha Douthitt (2017)
  • Paige O’Rourke (2012)
  • Kimber Saville (2010)
  • Rebecca Chadd (2009)
  • Nicole Perry (2007, co-winner)
  • Amanda Miles (2007, co-winner)
  • Mary Steers (2006)
  • Heidi Kimberling (2005)
  • Marika Schneider (2003)
  • Maren Greif (2002)
  • Jennifer Gjesvold (2000)
  • Nicole Diederich (1991)

Delmer Dewey Award recipients in Honors:

  • Carter Craig (2018)
  • John Goldsmith (2016)
  • Eli Zachary (2015)
  • Trevor Roush (2013)
  • Justin Karr (2011)
  • Daniel Van Winkle (2006)


Faculty Awards

The Pastega Awards for faculty excellence in teaching and scholarship are WOU’s highest academic award.  Recipients of the award are selected by a committee of previous recipients every spring and then deliver presentations about their work at an honorary ceremony.  The awards were graciously endowed by Mario and Alma Pastega and their family.  Pastega Award recipients who have participated in Honors include:

  • Marie LeJeune, Division of Teacher Education and Leadership
  • Katherine Schmidt, Department of English, Excellence in Teaching
  • Kimberly Jensen, Department of History, Excellence in Scholarship
  • Mark Girod, Division of Teacher Education, Excellence in Scholarship
  • Kit Andrews, Department of English, Excellence in Teaching
  • Diane Baxter, Music Department, Excellence in Teaching and also in Scholarship
  • Cornelia Paraskevas, Department of English, Excellence in Teaching
  • Gavin Keulks, Department of English, Excellence in Scholarship