Jobs for Historians: What Do You Do With Your History Degree?


What kinds of careers are available to history majors? Here are two helpful sites:


“Careers for History Majors” is published by the American Historical Association with ideas and advice for history majors about careers. The AHA guide includes five different categories including historians as educators, historians as researchers, historians as communicators, historians as advocates and historians in businesses and associations.


The University of Tennessee, “History: What Can I Do With this Major”


After you’ve considered these ideas and advice check out specific job-related sites:


Oregon University System, “How to Become an Oregon Teacher”

“How to Become an Oregon Teacher” Guide


Teach for America


Chronicle of Higher Education Job Listings


State of Oregon Jobs Page


State of Oregon Employment Department Website with Job Seeking Tools


USA JOBS: official job site of the United States Federal Government


Nonprofit Job Listing and Information at Chronicle of Philanthropy


Nonprofit Career Network


Nonprofit job


University of Northern Iowa, Overseas Placement Service for Educators