Welcome to Winter Term 2017

The Student Health and Counseling Center is here to provide support to our students for medical and counseling needs. We also provide health education, events, and prevention services to empower our students in making healthy choices for themselves.

As we enter the season of cold weather, it is important for you to take care of your health and wellness! Stop by our lobby to pick up a free cold kit. Talk to one of our counselors about how to avoid the seasonal blues. Or join us for one of the many events that our Wellness Education Department is planning for this term!

Tips to stay healthy this winter:
Wash your hands frequently with soap
Exercise, keep moving, and get out to get some fresh air
Make healthy choices with food, don't forget the fruits and veggies
Get a good nights sleep, 6-8 hours!

And when you aren't feeling great, know that our staff is here for you!

Check out our Facebook Page for upcoming events and announcements.

WOU Student Health & Counseling Center Facebook page


We also have some great ways to get involved and address health and wellness topics on campus, talk to one of our Wellness Educators to find out more!


Want to learn more about the WOU Tobacco-Free Campus? click here



Have a medical hold on your transcript? Need to turn in your Health History / Immunization form, but not sure how? Click here for all the information you need to successfully comply with our immunization process at Western Oregon University.


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WOU Peer Mentor Program

17-18 Peer Mentor Application

Applications to join the 2017-18 Peer Mentor Team are available now! This position is designed to help first year students with their transition to college, while also creating wellness education programs to help them be successful. Each mentor works in a first year community within the residence halls and connects with their residents on a weekly basis. Throughout this experience mentors will be part of a team, develop leadership skills, create fun and meaningful programs, and make a difference to the students they work with. Applications are due Feb. 10th to the Student Health and Counseling Center OR University Housing Office by 3:00pm. For more information contact Pam Medzegian.

17-18 Peer Mentor Application

student health & counseling center

Our center offers exceptional care in helping students stay healthy and well in their academic pursuits. Our services incorporate a holistic approach including medical services, counseling services, and wellness education. Our department takes pride in their collaborative and educational approach to student care.

We are open Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00.