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3 weeks ago

Western Oregon University: Graduate Programs

Something new at WOU!Something big is happening at #WOU be sure to get the #spinbikes app! ...

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  • Hello blue skies. We've missed you.
  • 🌱🌤🌸❤️
  • If you want a career working with animals, humans, plants (basically any living organism), you should check out our biology program. Whether you want to work in the field, a lab, or a classroom, there's an option for you. Major or minor - you pick! #wearewou #howlaboutit
  • Today we walked around campus and asked students what their favorite class at Western has been. Here are their responses! What classes have been your favorite? #howlaboutit #wolfbites
  • Standing ovation for @wou_xctf at today's Board of Trustees meeting. They've had an incredible year! #wouwolves #howlaboutit
  • We're excited about #EarthDay and want to tell you all about our Biology program - one of the best degrees to get if you want to care for our planet and learn about the natural world and its living organisms. #wearewou
  • Don't just take it from us. Hear from three alums of our Business program about how their time at WOU has helped their careers. Are you a Business alum? We'd love to know how the program has helped you. #wearewou
  • We want to introduce you to one of our fantastic faculty members in our Business program. Bojan is one of the instructors you'd get to work with in our business classes. #wearewou
  • There is so much you can do with a WOU Business degree. The opportunities are endless. What dreams would a business degree help you achieve? #wearewou #businessdegree
  • Today is Yom HaShoah, also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day. 
Our display on campus to honor this day represents the lives lost during the Holocaust, with each flag representing 500 people who were killed. Each color of flag represents a different group of people who were targeted during the Holocaust. 
Yellow (Large) = Jewish Adults
Yellow (Small) = Jewish Children
Brown = Roma & Siniti 
Pink = LGBTQ
White = Jehovah's Witness
Orange = People with Disabilities
Red = Soviet Prisoners of War
Blue = Polish Catholics
Lime = Spanish Republicans
Green = Serbians

  • These are some of the answers to this week’s #WolfBites question. What is something you want to learn?
  • Business is one of our top five most popular majors and we'll be telling you why it's so popular this week. #wearewou


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