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NicholasGravesGreetings! As a recent graduate of the MSEd Info Tech Program, I can say with certainty that I received a useful and thorough education that was immediately applicable to my career (even though I don’t have what you would call a standard teaching position). As a correspondence school advisory teacher in Fairbanks, AK, I had some trepidation about starting a program that seemed to be geared more towards classroom teachers. After beginning my first class, I quickly realized that the incredible staff at WOU would help to ensure that what I was learning in class would be directly beneficial for me in my own unique work setting. My time in the program has proved invaluable and I would love to answer any questions that you might have, feel free to contact me!

-Nicholas Graves  


Professional portfolios

The professional portfolio is one option for meeting the exit requirements for the MSEd: Information Technology program. The portfolio is a reflection of students’ understanding of the literature in the field of educational technology, their mastery of the MSEd proficiencies and National Educational Technology Standards, and their ability to synthesize and apply their knowledge in the production of high quality educational materials.

The following are examples of professional portfolios created by recent graduates of the MSEd: Information Technology program.


Professional projects

A Professional Project is a creative work that draws upon knowledge and skills acquired during the program. Examples of Professional Projects include, but are not limited to educational websites, documentary videos, technology rich curriculum design, and online tutorials.

The following are examples of Professional Projects created by recent graduates of the MSEd: Information Technology program.


What our students are saying 

jaredThe Info Tech program provided a wide range of experiences for me – from psychology to communication to Web 2.0 tools and video. Above all, it forced me to synthesize how technology has evolved and is continuing to change our culture. I would be lying if I said I am the same person after I graduated; I simply cannot teach, assess, and communicate with students outside the context of digital tools and multimedia. Technology is the gateway to learning for many students sitting in our K-12 classrooms today. In addition, I found that working simultaneously in the public schools allowed me to implement several of the skills I acquired from the courses. Heck, I would show students all sorts of Web 2.0 tools that I had created or made with another student at WOU. My learning became a part of my teaching which sparked interest and innovation in both my students and colleagues. -Jared M.



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"While the MS Ed: Info Tech program is geared towards teachers I found, as an Administrator in Higher Education, it provided me with many useful tools and skills that I can apply to what I do as an administrator. I have used what I have learned in the program to develop online training modules, created websites to assist in the facilitation and management of projects, and design engaging and effective methods of delivering information. I have discovered alternative ways to document and maintain policies and procedures to improve access to information and communication within my department. In addition, the program faculty are wonderful to work with and since I could take most of my classes online it worked perfectly with my busy schedule."

Danielle Ambrose '15

M.S. in Ed. Information Technology

"The Info Tech program at Western Oregon University, provided me the opportunity to explore a variety of technological tools and taught me ways of implementing these in an educational setting. What elevated the effectiveness of this program for me was the connection between the integration of technology and the authors explored, which provided a rich exploration of their thoughts and ideas behind the benefits, challenges, and dynamic interaction of man and technology."

Ana Butler '15

M.S. in Ed. Information Technology

"WOU gave a chance for a normal Chinese student to become a teacher. Thank you, WOU."

Lier Wang '15

M.S. in Ed. Information Technology

"When I decided to get my Master's after an 11 year hiatus, I knew it had to be a program offered entirely online. Between a full time job and full time family, I had not other option. Not only that, but the education had to also be relevant-more than just a piece of paper. I'm happy to say that the MS ED: Info Tech program offered exactly that. I believe in using the natural talents and abilities that God has given us. For me, one of those abilities lies in technology. But how to use it? Well, WOU helped me to apply it. Before graduating from WOU, I was offered a position at Corban University where I get to combine my natural tech savvy with my newfound knowledge in education to help create high quality online courses. It's my dream job!"

Dan Rapoza '12

MS in ED: Information Technology

"The InfoTech program has deepened my knowledge of instructional design, informational technology, and multiple education platforms. The coursework is exciting and fits well into my busy schedule."

Steve Williams '15

M.S. in Ed. Information technology

"The MSEd Information Technology program at WOU has helped me achieve a high level of professional development while maintaining a schedule flexible enough to work at the same time. I’ve gained valuable skill sets in instructional design, online education, research methods, and technological tools that helped enrich the curriculum and learning for all of my students."

Amy Keithley '15

M.S. in Ed. Information Technology