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Interested in our program, but have some questions? Ask one of our current students! Email Dr. Mary Bucy today and she will connect you with one of our current students. Current Student Benjamin Kahn recently answered some questions about his experiences in the program.

Professional portfolios

The professional portfolio is one option for meeting the exit requirements for the MSEd: Information Technology program. The portfolio is a reflection of students’ understanding of the literature in the field of educational technology, their mastery of the MSEd proficiencies and National Educational Technology Standards, and their ability to synthesize and apply their knowledge in the production of high quality educational materials.

The following are examples of professional portfolios created by recent graduates of the MSEd: Information Technology program.


Professional projects

A Professional Project is a creative work that draws upon knowledge and skills acquired during the program. Examples of Professional Projects include, but are not limited to educational websites, documentary videos, technology rich curriculum design, and online tutorials.

The following are examples of Professional Projects created by recent graduates of the MSEd: Information Technology program.


What our students are saying 

“The MSEd Information Technology program at Western Oregon University continues to open doors for me. Because of the skills and theory I learned in the program, I was offered a job as an instructional designer before graduation. Masters level programs are only as good as their faculty, and I have found WOU faculty to be responsive and approachable. Their encouragement has resulted in multiple conference presentations, a strong portfolio, and solid relationships with my colleagues. If I were a student who was solely focused on the quality of instruction I would receive, my goal would be met. As a student who wants to be competitive in my field, I have found faculty support and instruction that continues to stretch me to become a true professional.” -Tamara Mitchell




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