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What will I pay for the Master of Music program?

The cost of your degree depends on many factors, including:

  • Where you live
  • Where you will take classes online or on campus
  • Scholarships or student employment you receive
  • Time to complete

In addition, WOU many change tuition and fees between today and when you finish your program, changing the overall cost estimate.

Try the net price calculator in the Financial Aid pages and use the information below to sketch out your Master of Music program budget.


The Master of Music in Contemporary Music program requires 54 total credits. Starting fall term 2017, tuition will be $639 per graduate credit. Tuition and fee rates are determined by the Western Oregon University Administrative Rules for extended programs and are subject to change.

Find more information about costs on the Financial Aid Department’s pages.


A $300 one-time matriculation fee is assessed on all new graduate students. In addition to those fees, students taking 6 hours or more are assessed a $131.00 health service fee.

Financial Aid:

Please visit the Financial Aid pages to learn more about the programs available for graduate students.

Graduate Student Assistantships:

If you pursue a Master of Music , full-time you may apply for an assistantship, a form of student employment that includes both salary and tuition remission for research or teaching services as part of your academic and professional training and development. If you want to learn more:

Read the official description of a graduate student assistantship

Examine the PDF job description for an assistantship

Music Scholarships:

Oregon Service Scholarships are available for graduate students who demonstrate aptitude in music and academics. It is imperative that all students interested in music scholarships apply to the scholarship committee by the first Friday in February prior to the Fall term of an applicant’s anticipated enrollment. Contact Dr. Tom Bergeron (503-838-8802 or berge@wou.edu) for scholarship guidelines and application, or select the following files to download that reflect your current status and eligibility:

All forms require Adobe Reader ™ to save and create your digital signature.


You can rely on the people behind the Master of Music program to help you prepare for the music marketplace. Ask us questions-about the process, about the field, or about your career. We look forward to your contributions to this filed.

Ready to get to know us better? Request more information or start the application process.



If you haven’t found the information you need or are still not sure where to direct your question, contact Dr. Dirk Freymuth- Program Coordinator, Professor freymutd@wou.edu or 503-838-8874

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"As a composition student, the music program at WOU provided me great hands-on training with accomplished faculty who are excellent teachers, as well as opportunities to work with world-class musicians in numerous clinics hosted by the department. I would highly recommend this program."

Christian Kaltwasser '15

MM in Contemporary Music

"My experiences at Western Oregon University were such a profound part of my educational growth and development. I am so grateful for the opportunities I had to gain real world experience and create a professional portfolio that I could use immediately after graduating. I currently serve as Executive Director of Salem Chamber Orchestra, and continue to do freelance music performance, private music lessons, and various recording and arranging projects."

Terra Hurdle '15

MM in Contemporary Music