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FUnding your education

Cost should not rule out your ability to attend graduate school. Financial aid is available, but it will vary depending on which program you decide to pursue. Students can choose to apply for graduate assistantships, which provide a reduction in tuition, utilize loan opportunities, apply for scholarships, or use their personal savings to pay for their education.

Consider creating a cost benefit analysis to decide whether graduate school is right for you.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Graduate students receiving financial aid are expected to maintain qualitative and quantitative requirements and also to graduate within a reasonable amount of time. Satisfactory academic progress will be evaluated on an annual basis at the end of each spring term and again, separately for summer term.

Qualitative Requirements

WOU has academic policies for graduate students that specify the minimum grades allowed to remain in a graduate program. For financial aid recipients, we will follow the university’s minimum qualitative requirements. The Graduate Office will notify the financial aid office when a student is no longer an eligible master’s degree candidate. Students in a graduate program must maintain a 3.0 gpa or higher and receive no more than 8 total credits of C grades.

Quantitative Requirements

Students in graduate programs will be expected to complete all the credit hours for which their aid is based.

Maximum Time Frame

The maximum time frame for graduates will be based on 150% of the minimum program requirement.

Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loans

Available to students admitted and enrolled in a graduate program who have eligibility for additional funding after receiving Stafford loans and any other financial assistance. The interest rate is fixed at 7.9%. Repayment begins within 60 days after the final disbursement of that loan’s academic period. The borrower is charged a 4% origination fee. The loan maximum cannot exceed the total cost of attendance (budget) minus any other financial aid received (including any subsidized and unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans the student is receiving).

To apply for the Graduate PLUS loan, the graduate student will need to complete the Graduate PLUS loan application (includes a credit check), Master Promissory Note (MPN) and a special Graduate PLUS Loan counseling session online at Applicants will be notified directly by the Direct Loan servicer if they are eligible to receive the PLUS loan. If the applicant does not pass the credit check and the Graduate PLUS loan is denied, the credit check may be challenged, additional information and documentation may be provided or an endorser may sign for the loan with the applicant.

Graduate Assistantships

What is a Graduate Assistantship?

Graduate Student Assistantships are a form of student employment, earning a compensation package including both salary and tuition remission for the performance of research or teaching services to the University as part of a the student’s academic and professional training and development.

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Western Oregon University awards graduate scholarship opportunities in certain departments.  Current programs are listed below. Students are advised to contact the department directly for specific award details and application procedures.

  • Abby’s House: 503-838-8219
  • Music -Dirk Freymuth, 503-838-8874
  • Masters of Science in Education (Information Technology) – Mary Bucy, 503-838-8794
  • Masters of Art in Teaching (Math/Science) – Zig Derochowski, 503-838-9269
  • Special Education – Dr. Mickey Pardew, 503-838-8765
  • Master of Science in Management and Information Systems (Oregon Lottery)– Computer Science, 503-838-8480

Staff Benefits/Tuition Reduction

Staff members receiving these benefits must apply at the Human Resources Office of the OUS school where they are employed. Questions about eligibility for staff rate programs should be directed to the human resources office where the OUS employee works. Students receiving staff rates or transfer of staff rates should notify the Financial Aid Office at their institution of this benefit. Timely notification is necessary to avoid potential repayment situations due to a student receiving too much financial aid.