Study Abroad and International Internships

The best way to improve your German and experience the culture is to immerse yourself in a German-speaking country.

There’s no substitute for it and the experience will forever change how you view yourself, your country, and the world. Program costs vary but after adding stipends and grants, they’re comparable to studying at WOU and financial aid usually applies.


For details and assistance contact:

Program Coordinator, Australia, Ireland, England, and Germany
University Plaza, Suite 290
1600 SW Western Blvd
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phone 541.737.3772 | e-mail kevin.bailey@ie3global.


  • Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Kassel, Germany
  • Tübingen, Germany
  • Vienna, Austria

Dorian, third year, Univ. of Ludwigsburg

Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Baden Württemberg is the third largest German Federal State, stretching from Lake Constance to the Rhine River.

“Schwabenland,” as Baden Württemberg is known, boasts beautiful forests, magnificent castles, palaces and monasteries.

Twelve Baden-Württemberg universities and several Art and Music Academies participate in this program, and students choose according to their interests.

Sophie, third year, Univ. of Ludwigsburg

Berlin, Germany

Summer Program

Berlin is the vibrant, modern capital city of Germany. This urban metropolis has stunning architecture, bustling street cafes, diverse theaters and cabaret, historical landmarks, and pulsating night life. Here the East meets West, the past meets the future, and modern European politics are born.  Students experience the tranquility of the Berlin woods and large green spaces alongside the excitement of the modern city.

Kassel, Germany

The university city of Kassel has about 200,000 inhabitants. It is located in the centre of Germany and has many places of interest, most notably the beautiful hillside park around the castle of Wilhelmshöhe, the Habichtswald nature reserve, parks and leisure areas. The University of Kassel, founded in 1971, is the newest university in the state of Hessen. WOU and the University of Kassel entered an exchange agreement in 1986.

Alexandra, first year, Univ. of Tübingen

Tübingen, Germany

Spring Intensive Program (in Baden-Wuerttemberg)

Tübingen is one of Baden Württemberg’s most famous university towns. Nestled in the Schwabian Alb, Tübingen is surrounded by rolling hills with hiking and cycling paths, castles, and easy train connections to major cities and quaint villages. The University of Tübingen offers an intensive spring semester program.

Vienna, Austria

Located in the center of Europe, modern Vienna has maintained the majestic ambience of its architectural heritage, ancient historical sites, monasteries, and old town centers. A focal point for European culture, Vienna has always attracted artistic genius, especially in music, but also in art, architecture, literature, philosophy, and the sciences.  The capital of Austria, Vienna is home to a diplomatic center that houses not only the United Nations but also other international organizations.