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Study Abroad!


Dorian, third year, Univ. of Ludwigsburg


Sophie, third year, Art Student at Univ. of Ludwigsburg


Alexandra, first year, University of Tübingen


Nelly, B1 Certificate recipient



Winter Bargarten
















Richard (Drew), 2017-2018 scholarship recipient.

Jodessa is joining a theater group in Israel.



Sierra, Pre-med at OHSU.



Michael is getting the MAT to be a German teacher.



Dorian is decorating our Valentine cookie hearts.



Jeremiah studied in Germany, spring 2017.




Amalia Morse, 2016-2017 Scholarship Recipient





Jessica is teaching at the German-American School in Portland.



Valentine Hearts Frosting Crew, Spring 2016.


Frosting crew


Josseline Penaloza, 2015-2016 Scholarship Recipient




David Woodcock, 2015: Attorney



Kevin Kronefeld, 2015: Peace Corps volunteer in East Timor


2015 German Club Triathlon Team





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German Program

503-838-8715 | or e-mail: Dr. Gudrun Hoobler | Location: Todd 351