• Interactive, small classes: WE TALK!
  • Learn to speak, read, write, and understand spoken German
  • Affordable, exciting, life-changing STUDY ABROAD: Immerse yourself!
  • Our Program is used world-wide and prepares you for the prestigious ZERTIFIKATE.
  • We’re one of two Oregon Certified Testing Centers for the internationally recognized proficiency certificates. You test only if you want the Certificate.
  • GERMAN CLUB: Oktoberfest, Maifest, Gustav’s, Annual Scholarship

Strengthen Your Degree

  • Computer Science, Business, Music, Theater, Arts, Graphic Design, Chemistry, History, Political Science, Psychology, International Studies, Philosophy, and others.


Increase Your Job Options

  • German companies have 1100 subsidiaries in the USA and employ nearly one million Americans. 16 firms in Oregon include Adidas, Daimler, SolarWorld, Freightliner, Wacker Siltronic Corporation, Siemens, TUV America, Dywidag International, FAG Bearing Company, Ferrostaal Metals Corporation, Rendata, Scala Electronics, and SGL Carbon Corporation. They recruit locally and prefer employees with German skills.
  • 750+ major U.S. business have branches in Germany, the highest ranking European country for Oregon exports.
  • Working and studying in Germany requires some language and cultural skills.
  • Federal agencies prefer applicants with German skills.

Indeed - Job possibilities using the German Language.


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