About Geography

Geography is a field of study that ranges across the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Subfields address aspects of both human and natural worlds. With geography, you can pursue questions about culture, politics, society, economics and the environment. Geography is also a technical field. Studying geography is a foundation for doing practical and applied work in mapping and cartography and Geographic Information Systems, as well as in a variety of field-oriented careers and vocations. Above all, studying geography provides a basis for life-long learning and a rich life, not just economically and academically, but culturally and socially.

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Geography students: if you’re looking for summer work or opportunities to earn credit for field and off-campus experience, or maybe you’re a major starting to plan your Capstone, see your geography advisor, or any member of the faculty, to ask about internships – like the ones listed below – and opportunities like field schools and study abroad.

Fall internships with the AAG: the Association of American Geographers is looking for interns. Go to the AAG for details.

Jobs for geographers: the US Census Bureau is hiring. Minimum qualifications include a degree in geography or related field or a combination of education and relevant experience. Get more information from the Association of American Geographers and at USAJOBS.

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