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General Education Course Proposal Guides 

Based on our first round of course proposals, we have refined the General Education course proposal process and built a series of course proposal resources to help build successful proposals for courses that will be well-prepared to take part in General Education assessment. Check out the new proposal guides and if you'd like help with your proposal, contact  

Advising for General Education

Want a little help to get prepared to advise incoming freshmen in the new General Education program? Have questions about what it might look like for a current student changing their catalog year to take advantage of the new program? Curious about how the new Oregon Transfer Compass will transfer in to fulfill the General Education requirements? We're ready to help. General Education Director Erin Baumgartner and Student Success and Advising Director Niki Weight are available to visit your Division or Department for a session on General Education Advising. Contact to arrange a visit.  

You can also link to our resources for advisors

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General Education Courses

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Timeline for New Framework
General Education Framework


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General Education Proposal Guides
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Learning Outcomes

  1. Intellectual foundations and breadth of exposure: Put into practice different and varied forms of knowledge, inquiry, and expression that frame academic and applied learning.
  2. Critical thinking: Demonstrate the ability to evaluate information and develop well-reasoned and evidence-based conclusions.
  3. Citizenship: Articulate the challenges, responsibilities, and privileges of belonging in a complex, diverse, interconnected world.
  4. Multidisciplinary learning: Integrate knowledge, perspectives, and strategies across disciplines to answer questions and solve problems.


General Education is a crucial component of the learning experience at Western Oregon University, providing students with fundamental skills for lifelong learning. Students apply, communicate, and integrate ideas from a variety of disciplines. They gain abilities to think and act critically as citizens of a complex and ever-changing world. The curriculum empowers students to pursue diverse interests and perform varying roles in their personal, social, and professional lives.


General Education


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