Academic Support and Career Services

  • Academic Advising & Learning Center (AALC): The Academic Advising and Learning Center assists students with general advising, connects students to major and minor advisors, and assists students who are struggling academically with tutoring, tools, seminars and success courses to stay on track. AALC is directed by Karen Sullivan-Vance, co-founder of the WOU Fostering Collegiate Success initiative. The AALC office is located in the Academic Programs & Support Center (APSC), room 401.

    • Wolf Connection System: The Wolf Connection System (WCS) is an all inclusive web-based student success system. In addition to providing faculty and staff with the ability to refer struggling students to the university student success specialist, WCS is where students can schedule and manage their advising appointments in the Academic Advising and Learning Center. Students can also see their schedule, manage their calendar, view their notes from previous advising appointments, and email their professors in one-click to communicate an absence or illness.


    • Financial Aid Office: The purpose of the Financial Aid Office is to provide monetary assistance to students who can benefit from higher education by administering student financial aid programs according to federal and institutional regulations. The Financial Aid Office educates students regarding financial aid and scholarships by providing thorough financial aid counseling and financial aid consumer information. For financial aid assistance visit the financial aid office located on the third floor in the Administration building, room 310.


    • Registrar: The Office of the Registrar handles student academic records and is in charge of managing registration and waitlists, providing transcripts, managing DegreeWorks, confirming and awarding degrees, processing grades, coordinating commencement and distributing diplomas. Located in the Administration building, first floor room 104.


    • Hamersly Library: The campus library has academic and recreational books and materials available for checkout, computers, study rooms and printers for use, access to electronic databases and interlibrary loan and Summit library exchange for access to even more materials, a 24 hour study lounge, a quiet floor (third floor), digital media center with video and audio equipment for student use, DSLR cameras for checkout, math and writing tutoring centers, lockers for checkout,  art exhibits, a cafe, and more. In addition, reference librarians and staff are trained to help library users identify topics, find and use appropriate resources for research, and evaluate information. Professional research assistance is available at all hours and through multiple modes of communication. Hamersly Library is located on the North end of campus on Monmouth Ave. across from the Math & Nursing Building (MNB).


      • Student Enrichment Program (SEP): Offers programs and support for student success to first generation, low income and students with disabilities. Free services include academic advising, supplemental grant aid, supplemental math instruction, seminars in study skills, stress management, financial aid, etc., availability of textbooks, computers, calculators for checkout, and more. Located in room 201 of the Academic Programs and Support Center (APSC).


    • Service Learning & Career Development Center (SLCD): Provides access to transformative experiences, education and counseling that advance student career development and benefit society. Offers individual support and workshops on interviewing skills and creating resumes and cover letters, advising for selecting a major and exploring career paths and graduate school options, assistance in locating and applying for on-campus employment, full-time jobs, internships, service learning programs, study abroad programs, alternative break and volunteer opportunities, and more. Located in the Werner University Center (WUC), room 119.


    Health, Safety & Wellness

    • Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC): Offers a variety of physical and mental health, counseling, and wellness education services to Western Oregon University students. Many services are free and included in the student health fee for students who are at least half-time (6 credits); other services are available at reduced costs. Keep an eye out for free wellness education events and presentations on campus throughout the year. Located on Western Oregon University campus, on Church street facing the Werner University Center.


      • Abby’s House: Student resource and referral center dealing with a wide variety of issues including anxiety, depression, suicide, sexual violence, relationship violence, eating disorders, gender identity, and much more. Located on the first floor of the Werner University Center (WUC), room 106.

      • Stonewall Center: The Stonewall Center is dedicated to providing resources, support, and advocacy for the LGBT*Q+ community at Western Oregon University through compassionate, educational experiences and an engaging community environment. Located in room 106 of the Werner University Center with Abby’s House, The Stonewall center is an amazing space that is fully equipped with comfy couches, great people, a Wii gaming system, and a resource library.


        • Campus Public Safety: The mission of the Campus Public Safety Department of Western Oregon University is to engender a sense of safety and security. Campus Public Safety provides patrol services to the University on a 24 hour/ 7 days a week basis. Other services include bicycle registration, emergency phones, crime prevention programs, and vehicle assist and safety escort programs. Campus Public Safety is located on Stadium Drive directly across the street from Heritage Hall in Watson House.
          • Safety Escort: Western Oregon University Campus Public Safety offers a safety escort program for all staff, faculty, students, and University guests. If at any point you feel unsafe while on campus and would like a public safety officer to escort you from one on-campus location to another (the safety escort can only be performed within the geographical boundary of WOU), please call (503) 838-8481


      Student Support and Campus Involvement

      • Associated Students of Western Oregon University (ASWOU): ASWOU is the student government body of Western Oregon University. This organization is designed to encompass all of the students at WOU. The student government is tasked with advocating for students’ rights to the WOU administration as well as the state of Oregon and the nation. In addition, ASWOU oversees WOU student clubs and organizations, sponsors student events and coordinates the Food Pantry and Book Exchange program. Students can get involved in ASWOU as interns, senators or Food Pantry volunteers, or can visit ASWOU to learn about and get involved with WOU’s many student clubs and organizations. The ASWOU office is located on the first floor of the Werner University Center, room 122.

        • WOU Food Pantry: This student-led and student-run resource has a mission to reduce the dilemma of food insecurity on Western’s campus and in the Monmouth-Independence community. The Food Pantry is located in Academic Programs & Support Center (APSC) on the second floor (feels like the first floor) near the SEP Office and Honors Department.


        • Book Exchange: The Book Exchange is a free ASWOU service and a way for students to sell and buy used textbooks for their classes. Students can sell their used textbooks in the Book Exchange, and other students have the ability to buy the book through their Portal. To purchase or reserve a book through the Book Exchange, log onto your Portal and click on the Book Exchange tab. You can search for a book by the ISBN Number.


          • Office of Disability Services (ODS): The Office of Disability Services provides reasonable accommodations to ensure that students with disabilities have access to Western Oregon University and its programs; through intentional interventions, programs, and services in order that WOU will meet federal requirements, encourage personal growth, and increase effective communication for our students. Located in the Academic Programs & Support Center (APSC), room 405.


        • Multicultural Student Services & Programs (MSSP): The Office of Multicultural Student Services & Programs is committed to the recruitment and retention of underrepresented and underserved populations by providing educational opportunities and outstanding programming for ethnic and culturally diverse students. MSSP offers personal support and assistance with academic advising, financial aid and resources, conducts workshops preparing students for higher education, organizes annual programming focused on the multicultural student population, advises the Multicultural Student Union, and coordinates the On-Track and Diversity Scholars programs. Office is located on the second floor of the Werner University Center, room 212.
          • Multicultural Student Union (MSU): To promote diversity and cultural awareness throughout the Western Oregon University campus and the surrounding community. MSU gives students, faculty and staff an opportunity to share their cultural background while learning about others. Annual events include Out & Proud, Nuestra Fiesta Latina, Pow Wow and Women of Culture Celebration, and the club meets weekly.

        • On-Track Program: The On-Track program is designed to assist and support students with the goals of promoting academic success, fostering personal and professional growth as well as providing opportunities for social development. Serves low-income, first generation and culturally underrepresented students and offers academic advising, cultural support, peer mentoring and more.


            • Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA): The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs is charged with the responsibility of taking care of our thousands of students during the 150-plus hours a week when they are not in class. Services include assistance with student grievances and complaints, advising of WOU policies and procedures, sexual misconduct resources, National Student Exchange program, voter registration, and the WOU Safe Ride program. For more information on VSPA services including limited availability of emergency funds, contact Debbie Diehm; 503.838.8423. The VPSA office is located on the second floor of Werner University Center (WUC), room 203.

          • Resource and Liaison Services: The office serves as a starting point for students who need assistance on where to get help on campus. The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs is here to help make students’ lives easier.


              • Safe Ride (WOLF Ride) Program: A free shuttle service offered to Western students as a safe alternative for those who would otherwise walk alone at night. The WOLF Ride program is operated by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Students can call 503.428.7238 during service hours to request a ride between the hours of 5:00pm and 12:00am, Monday through Sunday. Ride requests are taken on a first come, first served basis (there is no “route”). There is only one van. The WOLF Ride van is equipped with a wheelchair lift.