Financial Aid FAQ’s


Q: I’ve completed my FAFSA—when will I receive my offer of financial aid?
A: We package students in the order in which their files are complete, beginning with brand new incoming students. The first award packages go out in mid-March and we package on a rolling basis based on date of file completion. Your file is considered “complete” if your FAFSA is accurate and signed and you have turned in any documentation that we ask you for. Check your e-mail and snail mail regularly to see if we need anything else to mark your file as “complete.” Students with completed files who file their FAFSAs by our priority deadline of February 1 can expect their aid package by May 1. Students who file their FAFSAs after February 1 can expect their aid packages sometime during the summer months.

Q: I’ve been selected for Verification—what do I need to do?
A: If you have been selected for Verification by the US Dept. of Education, we will mail out information to you on the process with the appropriate forms. There are several types of verification forms, so don’t just guess which one you need to complete! If you lost the forms we mailed to you, you can log into your “My Financial Aid” and check under “Documents” to see which verification form you’re required to fill out. Follow the instructions completely on the form to prevent any delays in packaging you.

Q: How do I find out if the Financial Aid Office is missing anything that might hold up my financial aid?
A: Log into your “My Financial Aid” (MyFinAid) portal and click on the “Documents” tab. If we’re missing anything from you, or if there is any circumstance that might be holding up your aid packaging or disbursement, it will appear here. You’ll also see the items that you have completed as well.

Q: Can my parents or someone else call on my behalf and talk to you about my financial aid?
A: Yes, but you must authorize the release of your confidential information 2017-18. Complete the form and return it to our office.

Q: How do I request a change to my already-accepted financial aid?
A: Complete this Revision Request form.

Q: I just turned in a Special Condition/Revision Request/SAP Appeal today. When can I expect an answer?
A: Our processing times vary greatly based on where we are in the yearly aid processing cycle. Times of heavy requests—throughout the summer and at the beginning of each term—usually see a response in 6-8-weeks.

Q: I don’t fully understand my financial aid package. How do I decipher it?
A: Visit our Glossary of Terms for a comprehensive list of financial aid terms and types of aid.

Q: It’s the beginning of fall term and my aid has not disbursed! What could be going on?
A: There could be a number of reasons why your aid hasn’t disbursed; the best place to check what is holding up your particular aid package is in your “My Financial Aid” under “Documents.” Some frequent reasons for aid not disbursing are not being enrolled full time, not having accepted your aid, or not having completed your loan entrance counseling and promissory note. If you are not going to be a full time student in a given term, you must let our office know so we can adjust your aid amounts, if necessary, and release it to you. Loan entrance counseling can be completed at

Q: I don’t think I’ll qualify for any financial aid. Should I complete the FAFSA anyway?
A: Yes! You will, at the very least, be offered federal student loans, which are considered to be financial aid.

Q: Can I use all of my financial aid for the year in one academic term?
A: No, federal regulations require us to disburse aid equally across all your terms of enrollment.

Q: How is my financial aid disbursed to me?
A: Your financial aid is applied to the charges on your account first. If your financial aid exceeds your charges, you will receive a refund of your credit balance, which you can use for your educationally-related expenses throughout the term. You can sign up for direct deposit for these excess funds through the Business Office’s website.

Q: I’m receiving a private scholarship. How does that fit into my financial aid package?
A: You must report all scholarships to our office; your total financial aid—including private scholarships—cannot exceed your cost of attendance, and some types of aid cannot exceed your financial need. Email our office to let us know the details of your scholarship so we can adjust your aid if necessary.

Q:  If my question isn’t answered here or anywhere else on the website, can I make an appointment with a financial aid counselor to discuss my situation?
A: Yes! We have online appointment booking through your WOU Portal. Once you’re logged in, click on the Wolf Connection System (WCS) Icon and then click on “Get Advising.” Follow the prompts to select a Financial Aid appointment and book a time that works for you.