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General Education

2017 General Education TASK FORCE DOCUMENTS and links


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Town Halls (for revisions made based on the first town halls)
Fri, Oct 27, 3-5 pm WUC Columbia
Tue, Oct 318-11 am:  RWEC 101 (Pastega)

General Education Committee

The General Education Committee shall:

  1. Provide oversight of Western Oregon University’s general education program, which includes working with faculty, staff, and students to ensure that WOU offers a comprehensive, accessible, and dynamic general education curriculum that is aligned with institutional learning outcomes.
  2. Manage information, processes, and requirements for proposing courses for D, LACC, Q, and W designations; conduct regular review of criteria and update application materials, as needed.
  3. Review curriculum proposals for D, LACC, Q, and W designations according to the established criteria.
  4. Maintain a resource bank for D, LACC, Q, and W course design, based on voluntary submissions from faculty and work with the Center on Academic Innovation to provide resources that support general education instruction.
  5. Provide assistance and consult with the Registrar on matters pertaining to general education curriculum and transfer articulation.
  6. Coordinate committee functions with relevant campus stakeholders (e.g., Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Curriculum Committee, Academic Requirements Committee, etc.).

Designation forms

D      Q     W