Faculty Senate Committee Roster Management


Updating MEMBER Rosters

Use these directions to keep the Faculty Senate Committee (Academic Infrastructure, Academic Requirements, Curriculum, General Education, Graduate, Honors and International Education & Services) and Faculty Development committee member rosters current. This provides committee members with direct access to committee materials.

Committee chairs:

  • Log in and select the correct committee. Chairs of committees who review requests via the WOU Portal may also access this feature by logging in there.
    • Curriculum, General Education, Graduate & Honors Chairs: Select Create, view & approve curriculum requests under “My Programs”
    • Academic Infrastructure & Faculty Development Chairs: Select the appropriate “Place & Review Requests” link for your committee under “My Programs”
  • Click on the “Committee Management” tab of the forms page
  • Select the radio button for “View/edit current committee members” and click “Go”
  • If you are replacing a committee member, click “Edit” next to the committee member’s name
  • If you are adding a new member, click “Add Committee Member”
  • In the WOU Email box, begin typing the email of the new member, when the correct email appears in the list below, click on it, then update any fields that need to be updated
  • Verify that the information in all of the boxes is correct.
  • If they should be an “Admin” check the “Can edit records” box
  • Click “Submit”
  • Keep your committee roster fully current by also selecting “Delete” next to the name of faculty who are no longer serving on your committee.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • The current Faculty Senate president must use this interface to indicate current Faculty Senate committee chairs. If you are a committee chair, it should say “Chair” by your name under Membership Type. If it does not, contact the current Faculty Senate president.
  • For technical assistance: Contact Camila Gabaldon (gabaldoc@wou.edu) 503-838-8653