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July 11, 2017, Richard Woodcock Educational Center 101


October 10, 2017, Willamette Room, WUC
October 24, 2017, Willamette Room, WUC
November 14, 2017, Willamette Room, WUC
November 28, 2017, Willamette Room, WUC
No December meeting


January 9, 2018, Willamette Room, WUC
January 23, 2018, Willamette Room, WUC
February 13, 2018, Willamette Room, WUC
February 27, 2018, Willamette Room, WUC
March 13, 2018, Willamette Room, WUC


April 10, 2018, Willamette Room, WUC
April 24, 2018, Willamette Room, WUC
May 8, 2018, Willamette Room, WUC
May 22, 2018, Willamette Room, WUC



Curriculum proposals

To provide sufficient time for review, the deadline for submitting all curriculum proposals to the appropriate Faculty Senate committees is February 13, 2018 (one week in advance of the February 20 meeting).

In order to be entered into the 2018-2019 Academic Catalog, proposals must receive Faculty Senate approval by the end of the March 13th meeting. Proposals that are approved during a February 20 curriculum meeting will either be 1) Directly approved by the Executive Committee or 2) Added to the February 27rd Faculty Senate agenda as New Business, and then will be voted on in Faculty Senate (as Old Business) at the March 13 Faculty Senate meeting. (See item 3.6 in the Faculty Senate Bylaws)

To clarify: proposals need not be approved by February 13th. Instead, they simply need to be routed by that date to one of the four Faculty Senate-level curriculum committees: Graduate Studies (for graduate programs/courses); General Education Committee (for D, LACC, Q or W designations); Honors Committee (for honors courses); or Curriculum Committee (for all other programs/courses).

Any proposal not approved by the Faculty Senate by March 13th will not make the 2018-2019 catalog.

To offer a new course in 2018-2019 that is approved past the March 13 deadline, and is not in the 2018-2019 catalog, you must submit temporary course paperwork (see the Curriculum Committee webpage). For a new course approved past the catalog deadline, you may submit a single temporary course application for the entire year by indicating your intention to offer the course multiple times during the academic year (fall 18 – summer 19) on the temporary course form.

The “approved by Faculty Senate at the March 13 meeting” time frame does not apply to new programing of any kind (program, minor, certificate). New programs require external approval (see the Curriculum Guidelines), which takes an additional three to six months to process.