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Showcase Overview

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2014-15 Timeline


  • Middle of fall term - preliminary call for Session Chairs
  • Middle of winter term – organizational / informational meeting with Session Chairs; distribute session planning materials
  • Early April – Preliminary Session Planning Information due to Planning Committee
  • End of April - Closing date for Session Chairs to submit Showcase Planning Documents
  • Third week of May – program printed, posted on website, distributed to faculty, who distribute to students
  • Thursday, May 28th, 2015 – Academic Excellence Showcase Event

On May 28th, 2015,Western Oregon University will celebrate student academic excellence. The entire day will be dedicated to the presentation of student scholarly activities, including original research papers, projects, artwork, performances, and upper-division course projects, presentations, and papers. The showcase will again be organized by the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and the Program for Undergraduate Research Experiences (PURE). To demonstrate the importance of student scholarly pursuits at Western, the Faculty Senate is encouraging the faculty to cancel their classes, while at the same time requiring students to attend their peers' presentations. The primary objectives of the Showcase are to provide an opportunity for presenters, giving them experience that will be useful in furthering their education and careers, and to expose the entire student body to the breadth and importance of the scholarship that is being conducted across campus.


An Academic Excellence Showcase Planning Committee, including faculty and staff from across campus, is organizing this event. In order to ensure the highest level of participation the Showcase Planning Committee has enlisted faculty volunteers, representing academic disciplines across campus, to serve as Session Chairs. Follow the links from the menu to the left for suggested session formats and session chair responsibilities.



A Message from

President Mark Weiss,

Western Oregon University


Western Oregon University’s Academic Excellence Showcase is one of my personal highlights as we draw close to the culmination of each academic year. It provides us all the opportunity to learn about the great work our faculty and students are accomplishing in the classroom and in the field; and, I enjoy spending the day attending as many presentations as are humanly possible.


The Academic excellence Showcase encourages students to demonstrate their research and scholarship, and allows the campus community to experience the varied scholarly and creative interests of our students. These abstracts of student presentations included in the Showcase Proceedings celebrate the pursuit of learning and knowledge. They are a representative sample of the achievements of WOU’s student body and we are duly proud of their accomplishments each year. I marvel at the way our faculty motivate and engage our students to "push the envelope" even further each successive year.


I want to thank the students who have chosen to share their work with us, and the faculty for nurturing and guiding the pursuits of our students. Western Oregon University commends your dedication and we are proud of all you do.




Sponsored by:

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

& The Program for Undergraduate Research Experiences

The Academic Excellence Showcase Planning Committee gratefully acknowledges the generous support of this program provided by President Mark Weiss, Vice President of Academic Affairs Stephen Scheck, the Western Oregon University Foundation and the Office of Public Relations.  Thanks are extended to Deans Sue Monahan (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) and Mark Girod (College of Education), whose support during the planning process has been unwavering.  Support from William Kernan, Director of Computing Services, is also gratefully acknowledged.  We are especially indebted to the faculty session chairs and sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible.


Academic Excellence Showcase 503-838-8634 | or e-mail: